Thursday, November 5, 2015

Update: Answered Prayers #Thankful

Hi friends, 
It has been a minute! And yes, so much has happened for sure. I have been meaning to post this update for over almost 3 months now but somehow my schedule has been moving so fast that once I get a break I just legit want to just Netflix and Chill!- pun not so intended! But finally I have found a few minutes write and share my good news with you all, especially since i whined a lot to you guys during the hard times :) 

Well, about 3 months ago, my prayers (and yours too, that I always received in my post's comment section) for the past 14 months were answered as my darling ever faithful God decided to grant me a JOB! Whooooops, your girl finally got to say bye bye to unemployment.

I have to confess and for those who read this blog must have figured out how frustrated I was getting because of the whole unemployment issue; the countless applications, the not-so-well interviews and surely the countless rejection emails. Yes, I was overwhelmed, sometimes angry and sometimes just in the "I give up" state of mind. But somehow, God in his very infinite mercies kept me through it all, comforted me and kept on reminding me I was not alone. 

Early in the month of August, I got an email from a friend who had just accepted a new job (hi Dammy A!), she wanted to forward me a job she was being considered for, since she was no longer in the job market. Well, I figured it won't hurt to give that job a shot so I followed up with the agency, came in for an interview with the agency and eventually had to submit an assessment test. Woaaaaah, that test was not a joke oh, all the things I forgot after my masters came to haunt in that test yo! I spent the whole weekend trying to figure out the right analysis. 

Finally I got that sorted out and turned it in, and just kept on moving on because one thing unemployment had taught me, was to never to hold my breath. About 3 weeks later I got an email asking for me to come in for an interview and obviously justify my analysis I submitted for the assessment test. 

It was a pretty good interview but then again, I did not let over confidence worry me because life can like to be shocking sometimes, lol. So I got back home and waited for the decision which was supposed to take 2 days (the interview was on a Wednesday and they were to get back to me by Friday), but I got the call the following day and almost pee-d in my pants when I heard the good news, I was being offered the Consultant position I had applied for!

By Friday (no time to waste), I accepted the job and started the following Monday. Its been about 3 months in my new job and I'm so grateful and thankful for such a wonderful company, colleagues and most importantly a role that is definitely growing and stretching me to be a better quantitative analyst and a consultant in a very new, exciting and relatable field!

So there it is, my highlight of 2015 for sure...after 14 months of job searching, many tears, many thinking "what if I had stayed back in Chicago", God finally remembered me...not like he ever forgot though, but it certainly felt like it!


  1. PRAISE GOD Gee!! I'm so happy for you. God never forgets us, it's all in His Time where all things a perfectly prepared for us. Continue to enjoy and grow in your new position. God Bless

  2. Congratulations and thank God for answered prayers!!!

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  3. Aww this is lovely to hear. Thank God! His timing is always perfect.