Wednesday, June 3, 2015

My YouTube Hero

So lemme start by saying I only became a Youtube lover probably late last year and this may very well been because I started co-hosting the Wat's The Fuss talk show. Before then, I only used to watch videos on Youtube randomly maybe when someone sent me the video, but I never subscribed to anyone, left comments or even liked videos. I was pretty much a scarce ghost watcher...until I met Clifford Owusu. No, I mean I met him on Youtube...not in real least not yet. 

If you are my friend on Facebook, you might have been introduce to Clifford by my frequent shares when he releases a new video. 

So what makes him my hero? His love for dancing and Jollof Rice. Period!

You see, this Ghana guy knows how to BUST A MOVE! Back in my former life, I could move a bit but I am afraid I grew away my dancing skills and now, I just get to live vicariously through Clifford. No, guys seriously, you should see this man move and whine his waist...sometimes I fear his waist might even break sef. 

I was never that much of a Jollof fanatic till I met my husband Mr.Punch. This lover of mine can eat Jollof rice till thy kingdom comes! So obviously my Jollof Rice cooking game had to improve in the last 7 years since I met him. So I think I can say Mr.Punch and I live in a Jollof rice loving home and that's where our Clifford Owosu connection comes in. 

Clifford is that true African who expresses his love for Jollof Rice without remorse. From making his own lyrics, to adding his dance moves, to acting mini skits about Jollof rice, Clifford Owusu does it all. 

Anyways, enough of my groupie post, here are some of my favorite Clifford's videos which make him my YouTube hero :)

Who is your YouTube hero? Who do you religiously watch and subscribe to on YouTube? Share with me...I'd love to check em' out!


  1. His video on African movies kills me EVERY time!

    1. Hahahhahaha oh yes! Even the ones he does with him and his father. LOL! The boy is a trip!

  2. OMG, I must subscribe!!!!!!!!!! Already saw a small IG clip of the iPhone ringtone (which is my current ringtone btw). LOVES IT!

    I'm subscribed to the REACT channel, Shirley Eniang, Patricia Bright. Every now and then, I look for Kansiime's videos.

    Berry Dakara

    1. Yaaaaasssss! I have that ringtone too! I have started watching some Kansiime's video a well, she is definitely another one who steady makes me laugh!