Thursday, June 18, 2015

Home Alone Behavior

Last week Mr. Punch was out of the country on a work trip. This was the first time I was in this "new home" alone and boy was it weird! Being that I only moved to Toronto last year and I can somehow say I'm still adjusting, this last week was something, scary and totally random! Best believe, there were some nights I just couldn't sleep peacefully, it was as if I was not in my own home. 

So I decided to use that week to actually get used to the house I've been living in for the past 1 year. How did I do this? Well here's what took place as I lived alone for just one work week!

No Pots, Pans & Fire: You see, in my single life when I was in Chicago and DC, I cooked only when my body demanded it. But then I had trained my body not to demand it so often so I hardly cooked and obviously hardly ate. (This was my lazy way of staying fit, Gym life was too hard for me) 

Because of that, the few times I did cook, it was like I was throwing a party. I'd play loud music, photograph my food and render the day a cooking-filled day. Sometimes I'd even bake just for the fun of it. 

But when you get married to someone who's body doesn't function like yours, you gotta adjust appropriately. So this week where Mr. Punch was away I took a vacation from pots, pans and fire. I remembered what it was like when only my body called the shot, what it was like when I'd be on a strict diet because this weight loss struggle was real. Obviously my eating was minimal - and that was the point; to drop some pounds while he was away. Hahahahaha! 

His Side of the bed: This one was just weird. You really never know how serious this "side of bed" matter is until you are married. Day 1 and 2 when he was away, I did not cheat and sleep on his side, I remained loyal to mine  - the right side.

But day 3 was a case of the forbidden fruit; after being tempted for so long then the object of temptation suddenly starts looking so good and you eventually give in. Yeah, that was totally the case for me, how I cheated on my side and slept on his side. And boy, did that sleep feel so good! 

So day 4 I did it again, knowing that would be the last night before the rightful owner came back for his side - the left side. 

Late Night Runs: I've always been a night crawler while Mr. Punch has always been a morning person. Now with this unemployment situation my Nightly behavior has obviously increased but what happens is that I keep that behavior out of the bedroom. So when I'm ready to stay up late at night, whether I'm blogging or Netflixing, I do it in the living room so he gets his sleep. 

But this time around when he was away I brought my late night behavior to the bedroom in full force! I mean, I'm talking bringing my computer to the bedroom, Netflixing till 3 am in teh morning and even eating in bed! 

Understand this: Na bad thing dey sweet pass o!

* * * * * * * *

Of course other very embarrassing things happened while I was home alone but I shall not mention such so I don't fall my hand on the world wide web. At the end of the day, it was fun being home alone but still totally not comparable to being home with the best roommate ever!



    Home Alone Behavior for me is marathon watching TCM or E! while traipsing around the house in my house coat [or not] and just generally being a bum.

    Berry Dakara

    1. Totally understand, that may have been hinted in the "other embarrassing" things i mentioned, lol! Being a bum can be so much fun!

    2. Totally understand, that may have been hinted in the "other embarrassing" things i mentioned, lol! Being a bum can be so much fun!