Tuesday, June 16, 2015

4 Reasons Why I Watch Suits

So y'all know my love for Netflix movies and shows kinda has no bounds. And with the height of love I have for Netflix when they release a new season of a good show, the same height of hatred I have when they release one late. 

Because they were running late on some of my shows, I've been catching up with old shows such as House and Bones, while secretly waiting for the new season of Suits to show up! And yesterday I found out it was just added! This is the part where y'all celebrate with me this victory of life!

For those that don't watch this show...let me just say, I kinda feel sorry for you because of all the good things of life you are all missing out on. What good things? Well here they are; my 4 reasons I stay coming back to Suits!

1. The Wardrobe: Allow me to hail whoever is in charge for the wardrobe selection of the cast...my days!!, that person is on some serious style & fashion steroid pills! Let's leave the men for a bit and just focus on the ladies - Donna,Rachel and Jessica. 

You know how you watch a movie and are inspired to go back to work the next day and slay your bosses and colleagues with your work but also your wardrobe? Yeah, Suits does just that. Because a full slayed work is not only about the actual work but also how you look when you slay the actual work! 

I cant decide whose wardrobe I want more, Jessica's, Donna's or Rachel's. But since I'm not greedy I'd take whichever one I'm offered. Forget the fact I'm totally unemployed now, that s not the point. LOL!

2. The Relationships: The relationships on this show are pure genius and no, I'm not talking about the romantic relationships. 

How Jessica and Harvey handle themselves as name partners, Harvey and Mike's relationship (which is kinda the foundation of the show), Rachel and Donna's loyalty/friendship when it doesn't have to do with their loyalty for Mike/Harvey and finally, Louis and every other person in that firm. Like I said...pure genius! 

Speaking of Louis, are there people who are really like him in this life? I seriously wonder, because he is unbelievably weird and I LOVE it!

3. The Intellectual Stimulation: Okay this happens to me whenever I watch a show about another career that is not mine. My mind gets so stimulated I feel in my other life I'd have chosen that career even though I always have to remind myself it may not be representative of the real life situations. 

Same thing happened to me when I watched House, it's like I learned to be a doctor on the show. Here, I'm learning to be a lawyer even though sometimes I get bored of the law mumbo jumbo and just blank out looking at the wardrobe of anyone in sight...especially the ladies. 

To be honest, I think I want more shows about what happens in other careers...perhaps and economics consulting firm when they all talk about price fixing, antitrust & competition cases, etc...*yawwwwnnnnnnn*

4. The "LITT" word: Last but not the least, you should watch Suits because of the "LITT" word which I am beginning to think should be added to the dictionary. When Louis Litt is upset and describes how someone is about to get "LITT up", that my friend, is everything!


  1. Cakes is addicted to this show! Like, I just know it's time for ME TIME when he starts on his Suits watching. I do love their outfits though.

    Berry Dakara Blog

    1. Ah, Berry you married a correct guy o! Suits is really a good show! I'm just upset with what Netflix does...they dont upload the whole season, I mean, who stops at episode 10? How random is that?