Thursday, June 18, 2015

The Right Kind Of Man

This photo says it all; a man who celebrates you and helps you be all you've been created to be. Not one who'd be bringing you down because of his insecurity. ByeFelicia to those sort of men! 

You are God's daughter, your man should treat you with that in mind.

Pardon my late night musings, goodnight :)

Big ups to the right men who know both your worth and theirs too!

Home Alone Behavior

Last week Mr. Punch was out of the country on a work trip. This was the first time I was in this "new home" alone and boy was it weird! Being that I only moved to Toronto last year and I can somehow say I'm still adjusting, this last week was something, scary and totally random! Best believe, there were some nights I just couldn't sleep peacefully, it was as if I was not in my own home. 

So I decided to use that week to actually get used to the house I've been living in for the past 1 year. How did I do this? Well here's what took place as I lived alone for just one work week!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

4 Reasons Why I Watch Suits

So y'all know my love for Netflix movies and shows kinda has no bounds. And with the height of love I have for Netflix when they release a new season of a good show, the same height of hatred I have when they release one late. 

Because they were running late on some of my shows, I've been catching up with old shows such as House and Bones, while secretly waiting for the new season of Suits to show up! And yesterday I found out it was just added! This is the part where y'all celebrate with me this victory of life!

For those that don't watch this show...let me just say, I kinda feel sorry for you because of all the good things of life you are all missing out on. What good things? Well here they are; my 4 reasons I stay coming back to Suits!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Refugee Life: The Good Lie

Yesterday I had the opportunity to go with a couple of people from my church to see the movie "The Good Lie". We initially heard of this movie through Matthew House, one of the charities/missionaries my church supports. 

Photo via TheGoodLieMovie
Until hearing more about Matthew House, I never really thought much about the struggles refugees go through. You see, I have heard a number of people come from Nigeria, my home country, to Canada and claim "refugee status" who finally end up receiving Permanent Residence status. They seemed fine, no struggles, not much different from what many regular immigrants go through when trying to settle.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

My YouTube Hero

So lemme start by saying I only became a Youtube lover probably late last year and this may very well been because I started co-hosting the Wat's The Fuss talk show. Before then, I only used to watch videos on Youtube randomly maybe when someone sent me the video, but I never subscribed to anyone, left comments or even liked videos. I was pretty much a scarce ghost watcher...until I met Clifford Owusu. No, I mean I met him on Youtube...not in real least not yet. 

If you are my friend on Facebook, you might have been introduce to Clifford by my frequent shares when he releases a new video. 

So what makes him my hero? His love for dancing and Jollof Rice. Period!

#LyricsThatGiveLife: Great Are You Lord

So I only heard this song for the first time 2 days ago and I just had to wonder where this song has been all my life! It's not a lengthy song with too many words, but one with few but very weighty and powerful lyrics of praise. The song focuses on the reasons we need to praise God, after all it's his breath in our lungs! 

I woke up this morning and for my morning devotion I decided to search for this song...with all I could remember from the lyrics being "It's your Breath in our lungs, so we pour out our Praise to Only You" I typed it into my Youtube search bar and found the song, yay!!