Sunday, May 24, 2015

Long Distance Friendships

We were 18 and new to a very different world outside what we called home. They say you meet your best friends in college and while I've always believed and celebrated that, today I am not happy about that saying at all.

You see, from the time we met, all three of us, we clicked; we were almost never seen without each other. Really in those few years, I understood the cliché term "Sisters from another mother". Through those college years we cried together during those heartbreaks and laughed together when we did a number on the not so wise men. When I got in trouble (which I almost always did), for sure I knew whose house I was going to sleep in to avoid getting into more trouble.

You see, I did meet my best friends in college but then distance happened... I dunno why but it's beginning to feel like long distance relationships are my thing and I'm here to say I don't like it!

I've always struggled with moving on, especially with friends. When I find genuine people I'd love to have in my life, I'm the ride or die kind of girl who is so content even to a fault. And the fault now is letting go and moving on. The fault is how much of a struggle making new friends has become for me. *sigh*

I know, I know, there are worse challenges in the world to write about but right now I really do miss my girls and want to kick distance in the butt!

PS: How do grown women make new friends? Lol...I just sounded like a loser so take it as I'm asking for a friend. Hahaha !


  1. Awwwwwww my love aren't you cute we should plan a reunion soon ehhn. Lol love you Orode
    Ps this picture though smh

    1. Reunion is always a great idea but because I'm selfish I'd say just move back to Canada instead! Hahahahha

  2. How DO grown women make friends? Well, I think being part of a group or network with like-minded women, or women with similar interests makes it easier. Or if your husband's friends' WAGs are nice, that's another place to start.

    Berry Dakara Blog

    1. Berry i agree a group of like minded people I try with My church but sometimes its hard and i just wish good already-made-4-me friends would just drop from the sky. Hahahahaha!