Saturday, April 25, 2015

October 1 Movie Review - Netflix has Welcomed Nollywood!!

You are supposed to read that topic with a very high pitched tone to really understand my serious excitement. Because of this much excitement this review is NOT to be trusted because I am probably very biased for the fact that this October 1 movie was my first Nollywood-on-Netflix experience. 

I mean, see me looking with major grin as I got to see Kanayo O Kanayo on my TV! It's not everyday something that awesome happens plus now I don't feel left out from the Iroko TV train as I felt once upon a time - I could not justify paying for both Netflix and Iroko. Now I get to feel among, and not experience FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) any longer, somebody praaaaaaaaiisssssssse da living Jesus! :D 

Okay let's get down to the gist of my possibly biased movie review. My review considers just a few categories; Title, Actors/Acting, Costume and Flow.

Title: 8/10. 

Really this category is all about the Title and if or not it explains the whole movie. You see, Nollywood behavior is usually all about those annoying obvious titles. You can almost know how the story would end by just seeing the title. It's almost like a spoiler and you know some of us just HATE them spoilers. 

But for this movie, I was pretty impressed that the title did not give too much away. The story line in my opinion had not much significance to the title, so that made it easy for me not to see the ending from the beginning....which made it a suspenseful and exciting experience. 

Actors/Acting: 8/10. 

Being a veteran in Nollywood movies, I have come to expect and only enjoy certain actors because almost every time I give a new actor a shot, they disappoint me. But this October 1 movie was totally not so. I saw a couple of new faces and actually enjoyed the acting. This time around, the popularity of the actor was not what sold me but the actual acting. 

Kudos to Sadiq Daba and Demola Adedoyin!

Costume: 7/10.

Ah, come and see vintage Nigeria nah! I was so excited to see how things supposedly worked back in the 60's in Nigeria. Everything looked very different and it seemed like the producers paid much attention to the details in regards to allowing the viewers experience the back-in-the-day feel. I mean those uniforms, those hairstyles both for the men and the women were all pretty impressive. 

Flow: 6/10.

By flow I actually mean how fast/slow a movie moves. To be honest, I felt this movie could have been wrapped up in 1 hour instead of the 1 hr 45 mins which was used. I know Nollywood is trying to break away from having Part 1, 2, 3, 4 to infinity but making a movie unnecessarily long is surely not the way out. 

Other Commentary

It was interesting to see how we Ibo people have always had gra-gra right from day 1. If you have watched the movie, you can tell that things definitely kicked up a notched when the Ibo girl situation happened. I'm like sitting on my couch watching and hailing "Ibo gra gra!!!". LOL! 


PS: I woke up at 3 this morning and saw more Nigerian movies on my Netflix, my body was just doing some serious azonto in bed. Of course at that 3 am I began to watch one. Hopefully I find the time to review it too! 

Happy Nollyflixing people! <--- See what I did here? :)

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