Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Growing Up with Christian Music - Ron Kenoly

I woke up this morning and was about to begin my morning devotion. Something in me felt like listening to some worship music to start and I grabbed my phone and checked out my YouTube. In the "recommend" section I spotted Ron Kenoly and decided to let my nostalgia play a part in my morning worship and I am glad I did.

As a girl who grew up in a Christian home, listening to Ron Kenoly was like the anthem. We woke up to my mother humming his songs, we hosted guests in the main living room with the CD in the player and on our way to almost anywhere in any of my parents cars, we drove with Ron Kenoly. We were truly a Ron Kenoly family now I think of it. Hahaha!

As I listened to this familiar voice on my TV this morning, a word dropped in my spirit "Jesus the same yesterday, today and forever" - Hebrews 13:8. 

Back then when my parents Ron Kenoly-fied us, I didn't know much about the Christian faith. I knew it was my parents' faith but for me personally, I just went along with it because that's what you do in African home under your African parent's roof. Lol! 

But now as this faith has become my faith, I couldn't help seeing how constant God is and has always been. The words of the songs are as fresh as they come. This morning it made fresh and renewed sense to me that truly the word of God will never pass away (Luke 21:33). It was surreal to listen to these songs and finally "get it" after how many years. In awe I worshiped and praised this never changing God of mine and at the same time being so thankful for growing up in a christian home. This morning was perfect. 

To my Parents: Thank you for training us up in the way of the Lord with words and great music! It must have been tough taking us to church every time without seeing an immediate transformation in our lives but you guys kept at it. Now it's many years later and I hope you see the results in our lives and are glad you did not give up on training us in the way of the Lord so when we are old we wont depart from it - Prov 22.6

To Ron Kenoly: Thank you Ron Kenoly for being an awesome worshiper through your music, I wonder where you are now but I pray God continues to use you in the lives of many more even now you are much older.


  1. Every now and then, I also get on Youtube to watch/listen to Ron Kenoly's old albums. When I moved to the States in 1997, I actually went to the same church as his sons, who had this fantastic song - You Are My Joy. Do you know it?

  2. Lol @ "Kenoly-fied" too funny! Now that i think about it, this post is the only reason that i even know what Ron Kenoly looks like but yes, his music is/was/will continue to be such a blessing. I'm always so thankful for talented artists that use their gifts to inspire the rest of us to worship. Lara George is another one. God bless that woman