Thursday, March 5, 2015

Blogger Bants: Lemons to Lemonades

As a blogger one of the worst things to hear from someone is "hey your blog is down". That would almost always leave a terrible feeling in your stomach as you run to your web developer and web host screaming "help! help!!". The thought of those page views dropping and directly affecting your revenue from ads is quite an unpleasant thought that instantly you start thinking of ways to make up for it. 

This was me last night (even this morning!). But when I got the message, I decided to pause and not let this "bad news" get the best of me. Instead I practiced "turning lemons into lemonades" as I quickly chose to dwell on the fact one more reader actually reads my blog, which then gave me one more reason to smile about. I went to bed peacefully even though my website was down, traffic dropping and income for the day...almost non existent.

You see, in life bad news would almost always come, its kind of inevitable as this world is made up of different people. People who don't think like you, and forces that are totally out of your control. But how you choose to let the bad news affect you is totally up to you, your choice, your decision. 

So while I'm upset about Powweb and their server error, I'm happy to know my blog is growing in terms of readers, readers I never even knew checked out KnotsVilla so often.

PS: Yay the blog just came back up, fingers crossed that it would actually stay up! 

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