Wednesday, March 25, 2015

About Last Night - Birthday and Dayiversary + Restaurant Review

Now that I have officially made Dayiversaries a thing...let's quickly move past the title and get digging to the actual post, yay it was my birthday on Monday! 

For the actual birthday, nothing much happened apart from the phone calls and messages pouring in. But then my friend showed up in the evening with pretty much that was the highlight of my day. I tell you the truth, such friends you don't buy in the market...God just keeps them for you :)

Oh how could I forget my mother's phone call? You know when your mother is praying for you and at the same time telling stories about your birth? My goodness, that was some serious waterfalls right there as I was crying and saying "Amen" at the same time. I love my mummy!

Since Tuesday was the 24th, we ended up merging both celebrations into one and having dinner yesterday, the 24th. We chose to visit the Rosewater Restaurant, downtown Toronto which was quite amazing! Just me, my best friend and some really good food! You see, this is how I know food is good...not only doesn't it taste good but a little portion fills me up so fast that I have no space for dessert! 

At the Rosewater we had Crispy Jumbo Tiger Prawns for the appetizer (sorry we finished it before I realized I did not take any photos, haha!), he had the Fire-Roasted Cornish Hen and I had the Seared Atlantic Salmon for the main course. It was such a beautiful restaurant and very spacious...well it was a Tuesday night so it was borderline we kinda had enough space for ourselves.

Rosewater Toronto Food. See Menu
Yesterday, my friend had showed up in the afternoon with cupcakes and decided to take me for some soothing pedicure for my belated birthday. The plan was to  come back home and start heading to the my jeans. But when I heard Mr. Punch was in the shower, he wasn't going for a Jeans kinda we dolled up a little bit.

The outfit I wore to the Rosewater Restaurant was one of my favorite Jessica Simpson dresses that I had only worn twice ever. So yesterday made it the third time and let's just say...I NEED TO HIT THE GYM ASAP! See me looking as if I'm about to burst, lol! I wore my everyday Guess shoes that are slowly begging me for a break. I was going to wear my covered toe pumps but I wasn't certain the nail polish had dried enough to not smudge, so open toes made more sense. that's pretty much about the Birthday and Dayiversary evening, we are eager to visit the Rosewater again because that place is really on point! Here's my quick review of the restaurant; 

Location: 5/10. I hate downtown because of the parking struggles. Since we got there at about 8, we paid $5 for 1 hour because it's free after 9. Hahah!

Food: 9/10. Yes it was that good! And I am just the kind of girl that would never give 10/10 for anything so best believe 9/10 means the food was the best fine dinning food I have ever had in this city. 

Ambiance/Setting: 8/10. High ceilings and gorgeous booth chairs. Very beautiful place that gives the historic castle feeling with a touch of modern. 

Bathroom: 9/10. Yes I rate the bathrooms too because a good bathroom is always the right place for a good selfie especially when the lights are too dim in the actual restaurant. When I walked into the bathroom, I promise you I felt like I could actually eat there! The mirrors, the flowers, and the chairs were everything! 

Service/Host: 8/10. Our server was some cute guy who was quite polite and funny. He served us and took care of us pretty well. Nothing extra-ordinary though. But the lady who "checked us in", was so sweet. She took off our jackets and when we were heading out and I tried to take my jacket she insisted on actually putting it on for me. For that split second I felt like some serious royalty there :) 


  1. Yay for the birthday + dayiversay! I love it!
    Great pictures :)

  2. Replies
    1. Oh yes we sire did :) I can definitely get used to this kind of celebrations, Hahaha!

  3. Oh I have a 50$ giftcard for this place. Men, I think it might have expired, I never used it :(

    I really love your hairstyle, and I think I missed your birthday. :(