Wednesday, March 25, 2015

About Last Night - Birthday and Dayiversary + Restaurant Review

Now that I have officially made Dayiversaries a thing...let's quickly move past the title and get digging to the actual post, yay it was my birthday on Monday! 

For the actual birthday, nothing much happened apart from the phone calls and messages pouring in. But then my friend showed up in the evening with pretty much that was the highlight of my day. I tell you the truth, such friends you don't buy in the market...God just keeps them for you :)

Oh how could I forget my mother's phone call? You know when your mother is praying for you and at the same time telling stories about your birth? My goodness, that was some serious waterfalls right there as I was crying and saying "Amen" at the same time. I love my mummy!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

#LyricsThatGiveLife: In Christ Alone (I Stand)

There have been so many versions but I can't forget the first time I heard this song, my friend had sent it to me from Nigeria around 2011 Easter. I od'd on this song for many reasons but mainly because it truly has lyrics that give life! There are some songs that just get you; where you are in faith, your struggles, your victories, etc. This song pretty much lays out of the goodies that come with living life saved by the grace of God. 

I like the song so much that Mr. Punch and I chose to use it for our wedding, this was actually the song I walked into (procession). It has absolutely nothing to do with a wedding/marriage but everything to do with the one who would make my marriage work. 

Monday, March 9, 2015

So About This Empire Show....

"Alright let start the meeting, we're creating a black show so we can shut them up about blacks on tv. We'll give them a show but lets find some of the most negative things we really think bout black people and let them act it out. Prison, drugs, sex, killing, mean, split family, cussing, money, white women, who you'll never see on anything else in life. Make sure you get some black stars with names they know so they'll watch it. Yea will let them be funny are something like this cause we already got the black chic playin the hi class ho seeing the President on the other show. HAAAAhahahahahahahahahah" - Comment via "Old School" on this article on Hollywood Reporter 
Empire Photo via Hit Fix

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Blogger Bants: Lemons to Lemonades

As a blogger one of the worst things to hear from someone is "hey your blog is down". That would almost always leave a terrible feeling in your stomach as you run to your web developer and web host screaming "help! help!!". The thought of those page views dropping and directly affecting your revenue from ads is quite an unpleasant thought that instantly you start thinking of ways to make up for it.