Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Unemployment And The Habits that Come With It

Have you ever been in between jobs and found yourself picking up new habits? As some of you know I've been in between jobs (nice way of saying unemployed) ever since I moved to Canada and just today I reflected a bit on my lifestyle and I just had to shake my head. I mean, I do the randomest things these days and operate at the weirdest times. 

Of my many newly acquired habits due to unemployment, these are my top 4; 

1. Daytime TV: The last time I got into daytime TV was back in college, Days of our lives and the likes got the best of me. But that ended once I started working and not being home during the day. Now I'm back to that sequence of daytime TV but what is a bit different is that I don't watch them soaps anymore, I have graduated to daytime talk shows. 

Now, talk shows are one thing I hardly ever watched, so right now I'm like a new kid who has discovered this very thing that almost takes away all my hours of the day. From The Talk to the Social and Ellen, I'm all over my TV being excited and dreaming of when I get to attend these shows so I can win gifts like the Mercedes Benz Ellen gave out a few weeks ago. 

Someone needs to remind me that watching the show doesn't actually get me on the show, I probably need to apply or something.

2. Crazy Binge Eating: Ugh my worst newly acquired habit! When I am finally up from bed and done with my prayers its almost automatic I address my fridge. That might be normal since people need to have breakfast but what is not so normal is having multiple breakfasts, brunches, lunches and a few more dinners. This cannot be healthy! 

I remember when I volunteered last year and I was so proud of my weight loss. The fact that I got to leave the house every morning and return at about 4 pm, sure helped me to cut down on my fridge visiting. I am seriously overwhelmed by the temptation of food in my own house. The fridge and its contents are steadily flirting with me and I'm steadily falling for all its tricks.
3. Very late showers: What's the point of waking up and taking a shower when you have no where to go? I just lay in bed most of the time, work on my wedding blog, watch my daytime shows and binge eat, then before I know it, its 4 pm! I'm like "hold up time, where doth thou runneth to?" 

It's usually at that 4 pm I finally get my butt in the bathroom and take a shower. At this time I'm hurrying to take a shower, fix my hair and look all pretty before my roommate walks through that door. To be honest, this is probably because I have a roommate I'm married to and he probably won't enjoy coming close to me looking unkempt. I don't even want to think of what the case would have been if I was living alone! 

I need help, I need a job, I still want to watch my daytime TV but not binge eat and have late and hurried showers....

4. Bedtime Stories with Netflix: Now with all that lateness to get up from bed, it only makes sense that I'm also late to go to bed. These days I have found myself in a place where I can hardly sleep without watching a movie. Like for real, my bedtime stories are really Netflix movies. 

I watch all sorts on Netflix but most times when I'm trying to go to bed, I like to restrict my movie choices to the Romantic comedies. There is something so perfect about watching a rom-com with your husband sleeping right next to you. Go figure! 

So there you have it, my newly acquired habits, thanks to almost a year of unemployment! 

PS: I have a job interview tomorrow, pray for me! 

PPS: Did you watch my show? The season 2 premiered today and we are fussing about Valentine's day! Watch it below :)


  1. HI Gee, I love your blog! great read! this is the story of my life... Goodluck on your interview tomorrow! nanyt

  2. All the best with your interview!! For a person that is currently having a love affair with the frdge your tummy and figure is in tact from the appearances of the picture above.

  3. I wish you all the best with the interview! Grace to it! Grace to it!!

  4. LOOLL @ multiple breakfasts. I wish i could say i'm innocent but I do exactly the same thing whenever I work from home haha too funny! Hope everything went well at the interview. God is in control xo