Saturday, January 24, 2015

What's In my Hair? | Commitment Issues | Natural Hair Talk

*sigh* I promise I'm not a Naturalista! At least not in the way you might think due to what you've seen out there. No, I wont go on marches to eradicate relaxers from the stores. No, I wont look at relaxed hair funny and assume because chemicals are in it, it can never be healthy. No, I wont judge anyone for loving all those products that are non-natural and mainly chemicals. So, No I'm not a Naturalista.

But I am a Naturilista in the sense that for the 3rd time in my life, I am back to trying to do things right by my own hair and care for it without chemicals. You see, my issue has always been commitment; I cut my hair today because I love a being on short hair (boy cut), but tomorrow I'm suddenly in the mood for 16 inches long and wavy hair that could be from Malaysia, Peru or other parts of the world that's certainly not Nigeria or Africa. It doesn't end there though, 2 weeks after my 16 inches and I'm tired and want that short hair back again and maybe with some added color.

My point? I really struggle with commitment when it comes to hair.

So this post is here to hold me accountable to this 3rd trial of my Natural hair life which is all about caring and enjoying the benefits of a happy and all natural hair. After reading stuff online and talking with a few people I have realized I need to be careful not to overdose on products. I mean, putting Eggs and Onions in my hair just seems a little too much for me right now. So I have selected a few things to make use of for the next 2 months and see if my hair feels any different. Some of these I already had while some I just bought them today.

Here is what's (and would be) in my hair for the next 2 months or so.
  1. Shea Butter
  2. Cantu Leave In Conditioner
  3. Cantu Shea Butter Hair & Scalp Oil
  4. Cantu Shea Butter Moisturizing Curl Activator Cream
  5. Go Naturals Olive Oil
  6. Uncle Benny's Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
  7. Spritz (Water & Oils mixture)
  8. Satin Bonnet
  9. Eco Styler Gel
I am still looking for an easy but efficient Deep Conditioning method to hold on to. If any of you have a good recipe (that does not involve things like eggs and onions, lol), please let me know. Until then, I guess I'd settle with my Cantu Leave In conditioner.


  1. Omg. I wrote a comment before this and it deleted. Anyway. Nice post, I'm not a Naturalista myself and many people didn't /don't believe I'm natural because I barely left it out. Anyway for about 3 months now, I've been on my natural hair, like actually styling it and all but I am ready for my braids/weaves. Lol, I've tried. Even when my hair was permed, I still got them. For deep conditioning I use Shea butter, castor oil, little jojoba oil and Cantu conditioner. It works for me! I leave it on overnight/halfday or 30-45mins with heat. Coconut is also a great ingredient to add to the mix.

    1. Lol Alella sorry about your previous comment being deleted. So you mix all those and deep condition your hair with them? Or do you apply them one by one or actually make a mix of them? Yay, you use Cantu too! Love me some Cantu products!

  2. Lol..." I mean, putting Eggs and Onions in my hair just seems a little too much for me right now." love that funny cause I feel the same way. It doesn't require all that. I've been natural for quite some time now at one point I cut it all off to start over and be more intentional about its care. So far so good, wash every week, leave in conditioner and keep it form getting dry in the most simply way I can. All that other stuff is just too overwhelming for me.

    1. Wow, you wash your hair every week? That seems like a lot...but then again, I might just be lazy, lol. I wet my hair and use leave in conditioner almost everyday but I am considering seeing what difference deep conditioning would make.

  3. I totally feel you on the commitment thing. My hair changes more than the weather.

    Looll @ DC without eggs and onions. Anytime I start parambulating with all sorts of bowls, combs, and shea butter, my husband just sits in the corner and gives me the "look atew" face hahaha. I try to keep things simple though so for deep conditioning, I have a strict "buy it from the store" policy and i never make my own. Been loving some jamaican stuff i picked up but planning to try Alaffia's shea butter DC from whole foods :)