Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Humbling Toronto

Eish, this city of Toronto is something else, actually it is HUMBLING! Today is one of those days I found myself applying for entry level jobs and even doing the door-to-door resume drop off for the first time ever. And yes, this is why I said this city is quite the humbling spot for me.

It's been basically 9 months since I moved from Chicago and so that makes it 9 months I have spent in the unemployment market. To be honest with you, I did not see this coming at all - in my mind, with my degrees and 3 years work experience I would be good to go. Well this city surely had something else up it's sleeves. There are days I don't let it phase me though, I just relax, focus on the wedding blog and wonder what life would be like if Knotsvilla suddenly starting bringing me some correct income. But other days like today, where it is freezing outside and I am moving from building to building dropping off my resume - heck yeah, I am so phased right now!

So what inspired this door-to-door resume dropping today?

I got a call back yesterday. For the first time this new year, I decided to throw out my resume to jobs that are searching for entry level positions, though I have some years experience. In 2 days, I got a call back and I somehow booked an interview. When I had the chance to review the job description, I knew it was not something I would be interested in (direct sales)...but I decided to show up anyways - anything to get me out of the house and use as an opportunity to brush up my interview skills. So it was after the interview I decided to explore other companies in that same building and others buildings around it.

That is how I experienced my first ever door-to-door resume dropping. I'd be honest, I did not enjoy it, especially when some of them won't even accept the resume, lol!

Now as I lay in my bed after this experience, I wonder;
  • Am I selling myself short by applying to entry level positions? 
  • Or am I being too proud by thinking I should not be applying to entry level positions? 
  • Is lack of faith in God the question here, where I have focused too much on stats of unemployment (everyone keeps saying Toronto is too congested so unemployment is expected) and now think I can't get a good job so I settle for less? 
  • Or is God trying to let me experience some humbling situations for a victorious future?

Dirais God oh!


  1. Aww, don't worry dear. I'd say pick a company that you want to to grow in. Then starting at the bottom won't be so bad. Gives you something to work towards. A lot of companies hire internally for the fancy titles, again some don't, lol. But I I've personally seen other succeed starting in one department that wasn't for them, but then been able to transfer to the department the like (although still entry level). However this is now a great ground-floor opportunity for promotion upon promotion upon promotion ;)

    (And your degrees will then come in handy when it comes to picking who to promote). All the best!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement...I agree with you though...I mean, it may not be so bad starting at entry level in a job I like or something along my career path. But I get frustrated when I start considering totally random jobs, low pay and not in my career path just because the job situation is tough.

  2. This is a tough place to be in. God is able to open any door, he has done it for me. I pray that God will guide your path and give you peace. Perhaps you could take the view point that an entry level position outside of your prefered path is better than being at home bored and frustrated. It would occupy your day and you can continue your job search. The suggestion above is also excellent.

    1. That's an interesting thought...it crossed my mind; about starting in an entry level position for something totally out of my career path. However I struggle with that idea because a part of me feels i would be "wasting" my 2 degrees and previous work experience. I am struggling to let go...well except when it has to do with weddings :) I'd gladly let go! LOL!

  3. Wow, sorry o. But like Highly Favored said, God can do it and He will at the perfect time. I know what it can feel like when it seems as if prayers aren't answered and it's very hard to have faith. But maybe do as Violette suggested and look for work in companies that you'd like to grow in. Or pray veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy hard that Knotsvilla starts making millions :p

    Berry Dakara Blog

    1. Ehn, your last statement is making too much sense!:) That's one career path I would gladly forget my 2 economics degrees for - Blogging! Lol. But unfortunately, KV still has quite a long way to go, so I need to settle myself until that time comes.