Monday, January 19, 2015

Dear Christians, Would You (We) Do More?

So I'm finna rant a bit here today...forgive me in advance. 
But Dear Christians, y'all need to do more...myself included! 

We are in this world but not of the world, so how do we make it work?

Let God use you to Do more. Photo via To Love Honor and Vacuum
Feels like we are tip-toeing when we turn on the TV, go shopping or perform other day-to-day activities. The struggle to find what fits us, what our spirit is okay with, what could be a form of edification to our souls, is just too real. It's almost like we are a minority....and we are actually not!

The secular world has become so obvious, it is what we see in the news, on the billboards and really almost everywhere we look. So unconsciously we are forced to fit in to this secular world because of the lack of what we want. I have given up on wondering why majority of TV and the rest of the world has nothing much on the Christ-like way of life. After all, there are non-Christians who might get offended if they saw stuff like that. Now I am just focused on we as Christians actually building up our world; our own media, our own movies, our own culture. 

Last year was one year where I felt I saw the most Christian movies in cinemas - God's not Dead, Heaven is For Real, Son of God, etc. It was pretty huge to look at my facebook and see how many of my Christian family were excited for this. That was also an indication to the point that I am trying to make here - that many of us feel this way; we want to see more!

So for those of you fed up of conforming to the very secular world out there, from Movies to Talk Shows (sign me up for this!), to Music, Fashion and more...get to work! The same God we serve is the one that has given the secular world the talent, so for sure he did not pass you by in the line of talent sharing. Release your talents and gifts and let's build up a world that truly edifies, encourages and shares the love of Christ. 

Oh and one more thing, support your brothers and sisters in Christ too oh! Many have released their gifts and because of the lack of encouragement, have buried the gifts. So a little encouragement here and there could go a long way. 

Rant over. 


  1. Awesome post...I get excited when a new christian movie comes out in the cinemas always something godly to look forward to. Also, christian radio stations are doing it big now, it has become a norm to tune in when driving..The options are spreading, we just have to discover ours and contribute.

    1. Oh yes, back when I was in Chicago, I fell in love with Christian radio! KLOVE Radio to be exact! Unfortunately here in Toronto, nothing close to that exists and so I am really missing Christian Radio! Whenever I rant about the fact I no longer can have a straight drive in my car with Christian radio, people look at me like I'm being to dramatic. Lol...thank God you actually get me! #IwantMyChristianRadioBack. LOL!