Monday, January 19, 2015

Amazing Christian Songs to Dance & Bust a Couple of Moves To

I do love me some Lecrae! Photo via Chron
Yesterday I found myself in a situation where I felt like I was compromising on some music I had to listen to, so I started really missing christian songs to actually dance to. Not the side-to-side body movements kind of dance, but actually stepping-sliding-pop-locking kinda dance. lol. 

If you've ever been a dancing kind of person and back in the days (before salvation) would absolutely turn it up in the club or house parties then you can agree you've been given the gift of dancing. I truly believe this to be true for me even though Mr Punch keeps telling me I have no moves. LOL!

Automatically when I hear a good beat, I instantly want to bust a move, but now I have to screen the lyrics or sometimes the person and see if I really really want to give my body and her moves to such a song. With all my scrutiny I sometimes find myself with a very scanty list of songs I can dance to; songs that speak life and edify my soul & spirit.

So today I got on my computer and actually googled "Christian Songs to Dance To" and to my surprise some amazing people out there have released spirit-edifying Christian songs/mixes that I would so play at a party. 

God really bless these artists and DJs that cater to people like us. 
We just want to dance and praise God while we do!

Here are just a few of the songs I discovered today; 
  1. Tedashii ft: Lecrae - Dum dum 
  2. Capital Kings - Living for the other side 
  3. MercyMe - Shake
  4. TobyMac - Funky Jesus Music
  5. DJ Mix - Christian Dance Party Mix #1
Also I have always had a serious thing for Rap music. Till now, if I hear lines that not only rhyme but make sense, my antenna goes up in awe. I am that kind of girl who gets in her car, throws on my shades, bop  my head and raps along with the rappers on my stereo. In my mind, I'm so hip! Mr. Punch probably has no idea who I am when I'm in those kind of zones. 

So finding great Rap Christian music is another angle that humbles me seriously. I just sit and think of how versatile God works through each and everyone of us, keeping our styles and tastes in his mind. Super thankful to God for such talents out there to make solid Christian music with sick (good sick, lol) lines that I can totally bop my head to in my car. 

A few I found today too; 

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