Thursday, December 25, 2014

The Gift of Christmas Breakfast

Merry Christmas everyone! While this post is titled "Christmas Breakfast" it is actually "Christmas Eve Breakfast". Mr. Punch and I did not do much today (we wanted to play it cozy, stay indoors and watch Netflix), but we sure planned stuff around Christmas day; Christmas Eve and Boxing day.

One thing I learned from my life in Chicago was the love of hosting (thanks to my roommate!), so this Christmas was not much different in terms of what I love. For Christmas eve we decided to give the gift of breakfast to 2 of our neighbors from our apartment. The two couples had been pretty instrumental in our lives and we decided this Christmas to let them know how much we appreciate them. So we invited them for breakfast - Christmas Eve 8.30 am. .
A little bit of African time was experienced but by 9.15 am we had an almost full house with our guests and their children munching, talking and watching Netflix for kids. For breakfast, the menu was pretty simple; 
  1. Crepes & Berries
  2. Croissants
  3. Toast
  4. Egg Bake
  5. Honey Oat Parfait
  6. Orange Juice
It was a pretty busy but fun morning. Mr. Punch and I were up at 6.00 am and finally went to bed at about 5.00 pm to be up for Christmas eve service at 7.00 pm. Did I already say it was a busy day? But we wouldn't have it any other was such a joy to give the gift of breakfast to our neighbors!

Now let me go get my head straight for the Gift of Christmas Dinner we are having tomorrow...that menu is pretty long so I need to really prep myself and my home!

Merry Christmas friends!

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