Monday, December 15, 2014

Let's Play Catch Up - Because it's been 3 months since I blogged

Hi lovely readers, 
It's been a while since I wrote here. Quite a number of things have happened since the last time I posted and before I could say "Jack Robinson", 3 months went by. I got so busy with the wedding blog, trying to "make it", got busy with job searching trying to "make it", got busy with my new YouTube Talk show...yeah you guessed right, trying to MAKE IT!

So clearly I have had my hands full and to be honest I think I need a break from this busy life. Not like I hate being busy, actually busy is good (Ain't Nobody got time that - for an Idle life). But being busy really sucks when all your busyness is not yielding profit...unprofitable busyness = the worst!

But it's Christmas season and regardless of these unprofitable times (that would soon pass), I am happy and full of Joy because 'Tis the season to be jolly! Lights everywhere, Christmas movies on repeat, Christmas music on repeat and shuffle; it's really hard not to be happy during this season. Here in our house, we had initially planned to travel for the Christmas holidays (Yeah we are steadily trying to keep up with our "Traveling Couple" tag), but plans just changed a few days ago and just like that, *snaps fingers*, Mr Punch and I would be spending our very own first Christmas together in our own home since we got married. I know that sounds really amazing but somehow I suddenly feel pressured; pressured to make it a Christmas to remember. Lol...I think I just sounded like a movie with that line...

I like to plan ahead. I am the kind of girl that needs at least 1 month ahead to plan anything holiday related. So these couple of days I have had to figure what Christmas trees exist, which ones I love, what ornaments to put, wreaths, etc. All that has left me pressured and dare I say...exhausted! How can I already be exhausted and it's just December 15th?  

So I have decided to postpone the "Christmas to Remember" till next year, when I am all settled and have time to make our home really have that physical Christmas cheer. Note how I said physical? Because that's all it is...the real gist of Christmas is not physical as you may know or have heard; it's strictly Jesus related and in that department I'd say our home is Christmas-cheer-oh-so-ready! 

Other things I have been up to: 

  • Netflixing different TV shows that make me suddenly feel I need to go into acting and guest star on all these TV shows I've been watching. 
  • Trying to figure out ways to wear my natural hair. Got braids in and suddenly remembered why I would never get braids done again!
  • Gave Vlogging a shot and realized it was not my calling - the work that comes with video production and editing is not beans! I mean, I'm all for being in front of the camera but all that behind the scenes video not me.  
  • Living life on the grace lane and trying to figure what I am really supposed to be doing.

So yeah, life has been happening, God has been faithful and working behind the scenes.

Thanks to that lovely reader who checked up on me and called me out on my no-blogging-spree. It kinda felt good to know I have at least one reader who enjoys reading my rants on this space :) Just in case I don't make another stop on here before Christmas or 2015, Merry Christmas and have an exciting 2015!


  1. Oh well, Merry Xmas. Let me go snoop on the talk show.

    Welcome back :)

  2. Merry Christmas in advance! You don't need to have a big tree to decorate your house with. Saw this post earlier in the week:

    Berry Dakara

    1. Berrry! Merry Christmas too doll! Hope I did not give the impression I wanted a big tree, lol...I'm a "Less is more" kinda's just the details that I was stuck at (but finally figured it all out). That link really made me and that girl have the same mind tbh! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. I like your honesty. I never would have used the term "trying to MAKE IT" But It is my reality too. But make what exactly? Or make it to where? :-)

    Your blog is a delight to read. Keep up the good work and Merry Christmas! May 2015 be the year of magical thinking and great deeds!


    1. Hahahhahah that's some serious jamb question Jen! I would have said trying to "make money" but that just sounds too superficial, lol. So i would go with trying to "make purpose", "find and enjoy a profitable me". LOL! Thank you so much for stopping by the blog, merry Christmas to you darling!