Thursday, September 4, 2014

Currently Watching: My 2 TV shows

You should know I'm one of Netflix's biggest fans out there. While I lived in Chicago I never had cable, actually even in Maryland I never had cable. So technically for the past 4 years of my life I lived a cable-less life and to my surprise I loved it. This is the point where I would say THANK YOU NETFLIX !

It was during those times I watched the most TV shows ever, got to even watch some more than twice (hint: Jack  Bauer). So needless to say, I'm a serious Netflixer. Somehow I have managed to get Mr. Punch on this Netflix life and its been absolutely fun having a partner in all of this. So with that said and as the title implies, I thought I'd share my TV-shows-capades with you all. I am currently watching 2 shows which I have gotten to absolutely love. One I watch with Mr. Punch and the other I watch by myself - at night when he is asleep or in the day when he is at work.

One word: Michael Scofield! How interesting is this guy? Plus he is also an eye candy with what's not to like about him? Mr Punch and I have been on Prison break for about 2 weeks now and we are very close to the end. I am most amazed how a TV show has me liking and supporting ex convicts like this, actually I'm more of scared than amazed - the power of TV and good writers.

Show #2 is the Good wife. I am still pretty early in this show, so far I am enjoying the calm ride I'm on. It's definitely not like Prison break, with all the rush and anticipation I get (some prison break episodes I cant even sit still...too much tension!). The good wife is more drama than thriller in a sense and maybe that is why it fits well in my schedule as I usually watch it when I'm tucked in bed. But for what its worth, Alicia is definitely an intriguing character. So far she is still at that "graceful" stage and I wonder if she would still hold on to this cheating husband or would she eventually lose it, throw the grace out the window and divorce him? But something in me tells me there is a crazy twist waiting to unfold....I'm eager to see it happen!

Based on our schedule, after Prison Break Mr Punch and I might be heading in the Lost direction. I watched Lost back in college but Mr. Punch never did so I have agreed to watch it again with him. In case you haven't noticed, we have a thing for shows that are already done, lol.

Question of the day: What TV shows are you currently watching?


  1. Someone after my heart.
    I looOoooove tv shows. It doesn't even have to be soaps or dramas,so far it's a show I am in.
    The Good wife is awesome. I am a lawyer but I don't watch it cos of that. Its less than the Court cases which are awesome too but more about the complexity and emotions at the centre of the lives of the main characters.
    Don't you just love the kalinda?she got an emmy in her first year,while Jullianna(Alicia) has about three or four now.
    Now what do I love? Game of thrones,Shameless,downtown Abbey and Once upon a time are my all time favorites.
    Now I am watching Devious maids,Tyrant, and catching up on the episodes of The Good wife that I have missed.

    1. Hahahahha! You are so right about Good wife. I do love hearing about the cases though...these days I am drawn to legal and political shows (House of Cards, Scandal, Suits, Good wife). I know it may be nothing like the real court or white house situations...but I just love the drama!

      I am rounding up the good wife season 1 now...I am still waiting for Alicia to change...I just have a feeling that she would surprise me soon.

    2. Hmmmm! Alicia! Don't let me spoil it for you.
      I love house of Cards cos I get to binge watch. It's so political and murderish.isn't it?Have u watched Season 2? Isn't Robin Wright (the wifey) amazing?
      Too many questions
      Thanks for coming by ok.

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