Tuesday, September 23, 2014

4 Reasons To Love the Fall Season

Yay, happy official fall day! Allow me to introduce my favorite season ever, even though I am almost 15 hours late with this post. I hope you caught the fun intro on Google's homepage though! Once again, happy Fall day!

So why is a season making me overly excited? Here is why... 4 major reasons I love the fall season! *hope you caught my rhyme there*

1. Beauty: Oh the beauty! What's not to love about the colors of nature we get to experience in the fall season? As I drove back from my appointment today into my parking lot, the yellow-greenish colors (since it's still early, later they get more of yellow-brownish) of the leaves falling off the tree was quite a sight to behold. I smiled instantly and knew I had to write about how amazing this season is.

2. Weather: I know many people love summer but when we face those crazy hot summer days, I find myself dreaming of something cooler. To me, fall brings that midpoint between the ridiculously hot sweating summer days and the annoying cold shivering winter ones. The fall season (when done right like today here in Toronto) is my balanced out season and that's why I love it. Key phrase there is "when done right" because let's be honest, sometimes the fall weather feels a bit like winter...those are the days it is NOT done right!

3. Fashion: When we talk of fall, we think layers, blazers, boots, scarves - for a fashion forward person these words may make your heart sing. While my closet is currently lacking in many of these ever since my move down here to Toronto, I am excited to stock up and currently I am looking for the cheapest way to do so! On my list I'd say boots and blazers come first then the scarves. Either way I am excited to layer up fashionably for the first time in my adult life....even though the way my bank account is set up eh...God dey!
Fall Fashion

4. TV: Finally the one thing that sets off Fall in the best way possible...TV! From Castle, to Nashville, to Greys, to Scandal and the rest...Fall can't help but be the best season ever! Not only am I excited to continue the shows I have been keeping up with, I am also excited to discover new shows. From my last post you can already tell The Good Wife just got on the list of my *new* shows and I am looking to add more to that list.


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