Tuesday, September 23, 2014

4 Reasons To Love the Fall Season

Yay, happy official fall day! Allow me to introduce my favorite season ever, even though I am almost 15 hours late with this post. I hope you caught the fun intro on Google's homepage though! Once again, happy Fall day!

So why is a season making me overly excited? Here is why... 4 major reasons I love the fall season! *hope you caught my rhyme there*

1. Beauty: Oh the beauty! What's not to love about the colors of nature we get to experience in the fall season? As I drove back from my appointment today into my parking lot, the yellow-greenish colors (since it's still early, later they get more of yellow-brownish) of the leaves falling off the tree was quite a sight to behold. I smiled instantly and knew I had to write about how amazing this season is.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Is He Husband Material with No Savings?

Hey loves, so I got my first question ever from someone on my Facebook and I was quite eager to share it all with you after I replied her. I am no marriage counselor of course, and this question was very random because I never started all those "Ask Gee" kinda posts. So this came as a total surprise to me but I figured I'd throw it your way to add your answers and thoughts to this question asked.

Photo via Save your Relationship

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Currently Watching: My 2 TV shows

You should know I'm one of Netflix's biggest fans out there. While I lived in Chicago I never had cable, actually even in Maryland I never had cable. So technically for the past 4 years of my life I lived a cable-less life and to my surprise I loved it. This is the point where I would say THANK YOU NETFLIX !

It was during those times I watched the most TV shows ever, got to even watch some more than twice (hint: Jack  Bauer). So needless to say, I'm a serious Netflixer. Somehow I have managed to get Mr. Punch on this Netflix life and its been absolutely fun having a partner in all of this. So with that said and as the title implies, I thought I'd share my TV-shows-capades with you all. I am currently watching 2 shows which I have gotten to absolutely love. One I watch with Mr. Punch and the other I watch by myself - at night when he is asleep or in the day when he is at work.