Tuesday, August 26, 2014

6 Phases After My Bad Job Interview

This is me right now...2 days ago I got to attend an interview by one of the competitors of the company I worked with while in Chicago. If that is not clue enough I could spell it out...the position was right up my alley! After being a research analyst in Chicago for the last 3 years, I walked into that interview with the "I got THIS" mentality....little did I know what was coming.

I got in a bit early, calmed my nerves, drank some water and waited till it was 10 am. Then the two of them walked in with wide smiles, the interview began and it was smooth sailing. You know, the regular; Tell me about yourself, the kind of job you did in Chicago, what kind of cases you worked on, etc. Pretty much I could see I had confirmed my "asset-status" because I had a similar work experience for the job. Until...she brought out that PAPER!

Then the nerves sank, I'm there thinking "Why the heck is there paper with data on it?" After a few seconds I realized I was pretty much taking an exam...a data analysis exam! You see, I cant remember the last time I had an economic data analysis situation for a job interview. The closest was when they send you a "test" and ask you to complete it and email your answers back. But never had I been given the "test" with the interviewers right there and asking me to produce answers to questions such as "From this data how you you calculate the average of the house prices between years 2008 and 2010"....so I BLANKED! Easy question but I just B L A N K E D. From there I felt the interview just went down hill, I was NOT prepared for that.

Here are the phases I am just recovering from;

1. SADNESS: Of course at this point I wanted to just enter the ground. I am feeling hopeless and replaying all that happened in there. What I could have done differently? Could have faked a heart-attack or something to stop that interview before I embarrassed myself further? As I got on the train back, I looked around the beautiful downtown Toronto (which was my first time ever on that beautiful street that reminded me so much of Chicago) and began to miss the fact I may no longer be walking on that street Mondays to Fridays. I was already missing the street I never had.

2. "THEIR LOSS" - Ness: Shortly after I had to make myself feel good...by making them feel bad. I told myself I was awesome for the job and it's their loss if they let a common data analysis question stand in their way of an awesome employee like me.

3. ANGER/REBOUND: After feeling like it was their loss, I started to feel angry. Not at myself, but at them for not giving me a heads up about .....I am not even sure if this makes sense, I just know I got angry! With that anger I felt like what they deserved was a "Pay Back". So once I got home I remembered the company that shared a floor with this company I just got interviewed for....and I went an applied for a job there! You know how when you get dumped and there's an urge to get a rebound? Yeah...that's this phase. Yes, they may not be anything in my field but the possibility of being awesome in a job that shared a floor with this company just felt like my perfect pay back/rebound. I'm weird, I know!

4. SADNESS: Then I revisited this feeling again. Realizing, it's not their loss really, that "pay back" idea kinda sucked and it was my fault I had not opened my basic economics text book recently. Just replaying how easy this question was made me feel even worse....Gee, how could you not know the weighted average formula? Then sleep came.

5. "THEIR FAULT" - Ness: But I just couldn't wake up with a clearer head and a "moving on" mentality. I just had to put the blame on someone and right at that point, they seemed like the perfect fit! I mean, where do you get off testing someone like that? In the real world as an employee, if I did the calculation long enough it would stick but if not...there is always google! After being out of a job for 6 months, I am sorry but weighted average is not the first ting on my mind. Do you know how many formulas I had to learn while acquiring 2 economics degree? Am I just suddenly supposed to remember each and everyone of them for one interview? Nah mate, it's your fault!

6. MOVING ON: Finally I had the official reality check. Not their loss, no pay back, not their fault...it was just me, not prepared for that interview. It's been a while since I did proper analysis and my sincere apologies for blanking. Gee, it is time to move on. At least you have learned something new; you have refreshed your memory with the weighted average calculation for any given data set. Move on, send the follow up thank you email and keep pressing on with job applications...the right one would come.

Thank you for letting me vent!


  1. Awwww, no worries. You never know, they might just get back to you. And if not, the right job will come along.


    1. :) thank you!!! Amen...I'm just like Lord let your will be done mehn. lol.

  2. Awww. Sorry.
    From experience I can say that some jobs just aren't meant to be.
    Do you know that I searched for a job for about four years after graduation and only got one in late 2012.
    Prior to that I had done interviews and tests which I always aced. But I never got the job,then when I landed my dream job,i passed the first 2 stages extremely well.
    Then time for interview came and I blanked out during the interview. They were asking me stuff I knew but I forgot temporarily.
    My answers were OFF point.
    As in I knew I had failed. No job for me.
    But to my astonishment and the glory of God,somehow I was given an appointment letter and I am in the office typing this now.
    So,don't despair ok.

  3. Awwwwww! Thank you so much for the encouragement! I loooove your story! I still have my fingers crossed, but definitely still trusting God. If it's not my job, he has something better for me. Just have to wait.