Tuesday, August 26, 2014

6 Phases After My Bad Job Interview

This is me right now...2 days ago I got to attend an interview by one of the competitors of the company I worked with while in Chicago. If that is not clue enough I could spell it out...the position was right up my alley! After being a research analyst in Chicago for the last 3 years, I walked into that interview with the "I got THIS" mentality....little did I know what was coming.

I got in a bit early, calmed my nerves, drank some water and waited till it was 10 am. Then the two of them walked in with wide smiles, the interview began and it was smooth sailing. You know, the regular; Tell me about yourself, the kind of job you did in Chicago, what kind of cases you worked on, etc. Pretty much I could see I had confirmed my "asset-status" because I had a similar work experience for the job. Until...she brought out that PAPER!