Saturday, July 26, 2014

24th at Vindaloo

Selfie-cation! I promise, he is the best selfie partner ever!
3 days ago we celebrated another 24th. I know many people count their wedding anniversaries in years but just as you count your toddlers age in months so do Mr. Punch et moi count our anniversaries. So every 24th is always a day to celebrate, reflect and love some more. In most cases we just wish ourselves "Happy 24th" in other cases we treat ourselves with nice things. Yesterday we treated ourselves to fine Indian dining, yuuuuum!

That morning he had asked what I was in the mood for and I said Indian food, so thanks to Google, he found one just 11 minutes away; Vindaloo. Boy O boy, was that a fantastic choice or what? We headed out in black and white; he wore black shirt and black pants, I wore a long white dress. What was extra cool about it was that when we got to the restaurant, it was a black and white themed decor! That was just a fantastic and pleasant surprise.

Les noire et blanche photos a Vindaloo. For more pics see here.
Now to the food! Lemme just start by saying as Mr Punch ate on, he kept on saying "Indian people can cook oh", lol! I had Curry Fish while he had Chicken Tikka, both meals came with curry rice (which looks like Nigerian fried rice), we added Garlic butter Nan and Samosas for the appetizer. By the time we tasted the samosas we knew we were in for a yummy foodcation right there!

Then his Chicken Tikka came and he was terrified- by just looking at it! It was GREEN ! Mr. Punch even made a comment about his food looking like the Incredible Hulk :| We had to confirm what we were eating first oh, so we asked the waiter what the green stuff was. He smiled (I bet he was laughing in his mind at this unexposed couple) and said it was green chili. So we prayed and began to eat.

Curry Rice et Chicken Tikka
See this guy that was freaked out about green food lemming this chicken yo! Green or no green that chicken tikka was just out of this world, so yummy ! My fish curry was quite outstanding too. I am not a fish person, one of the reasons being, I think most fish meals dissolve quickly in soup because they are so soft. But since I am on a diet (yikes, I hate that word!), I asked for it. To my surprise it was harder than I expected and tasted really great!

One thing that was weird though was that the food was small but filling. This of course could be due to various reasons such as the fact we had fasted before coming or the amount of water I had been drinking, or there truly is just something about Indian food that makes small portions filling. Either way it made me feel good since I have noticed that my weight problems is due to my food portions - so I need work in that area. We ended up taking the leftover home.

Samosa et Curry Frish
What I wore: This summer has me in all sorts of dresses, mostly knee-length flowy dresses. But on this day I really wanted something different, it was a not-so-hot-summer day so I grabbed my boho-style white dress and a pashmina just in case it got any chillier. I also played around with my pink necklace (which wants me to retire it *weeps*) and a pair of earrings I got in Accra. What I love most about the earrings though, is the pink on it that matches well with the necklace, totally unplanned when I was buying it! I rounded up my look with a pair of mallam slippers I got in Accra at a roadside market - story for another day!

*Weeps* can you see those arms? Where did all this weight come from??

In all, it was a beautiful day with an awesome food experience, with my favorite man, we cant wait to visit Vindaloo again.

PS: I need to learn how the Indians make their rice, its so fine and light, looking and tasting beautiful !


  1. Happy 24th! And I think Cakes and I shall be heading for some Indian or Thai food this week. I'm officially hungry, thanks to you.

  2. Awww Gee, you and Mr. Punch are a cute looking couple, and you look stunning. Glad you guys had a nice dinning experience. Indian food is scrumptious.

  3. Happy married life adds weight I guess :-) I also LOVE Indian food. Indian rice served is usually Bashmanti rice.