Wednesday, June 11, 2014

My Soul Shall Soar Higher | Working Out in The Spirit

*clears cobwebs gathered on this stale blog*

I totally feel like a visitor on this blog, I cant even begin to imagine how neglected this blog feels. Sometimes handling 2 blogs is easy but other times, it is just HARD (especially when you be trying to get some $$ from one and the devil is just being a liar). Anyways, today I have remembered this precious baby of mine, I am taking a break from the wedding blog and enjoying some "me" time on here.

So about my title, it's a song that I have been listening to lately. Let me back up a bit; with the summer (or should I say glimpse of summer) came my interest for healthy lifestyle - working out. I started running in the mornings and that helped me discover my very old iPod...I mean 4-5 years kinda old. So pretty much I have been running with some serious throwbacks and this song by Nigerian artist Samsong is one of them.

You know there are those "work out songs"; the ones that are up beat and all, making you run a bit faster, pant harder, etc. How about the not-so-up-beat songs that still find ways to inspire you to work out even more? Those songs are the real champs if you ask me. Yesterday I totally believe I was not only working out in the physical but also in the spirit - lol don't laugh, I'm serious. "Inspired"? In fact that word isn't enough, how about "Ministered, Refreshed, Renewed"? Yup, pretty much I went to church while working out yesterday with this song and boy, it felt awesome!

Here are some of my favorite lines from the lyrics; 

"When all men expect a sigh, instead I'm gonna give a smile; for yet my soul shall soar higher"

"Though afflictions may try my faith and no words to describe the challenges that I face, yet my soul shall soar higher"

"I may be troubled but I'm not distressed, I may be perplexed but I'm not in despair, I maybe afraid but I'm not overwhelmed, I may be in battle but I'm not embattled..."

"It may seem to you that my head is bowed down in shame and defeat, make no mistakes about it for I'm only scheming a comeback plan."

"For the mountain before me may be so tough but it cant get any tougher, but guess what? I can!"

"So though the enemies of God may knock on every side, I shall yet sit in a table prepared before me in their sight; for yet my soul shall soar higher"

"And to you my dear soul, if at the end of time I realize that the streets of heaven are not paved with gold as I was told....but for the reward of Jesus Christ the son, yet shall my mouth be filled with laughter and my heart be filled with joy, for what more shall ask for, Jesus is all that makes it heaven for me"

Trust me, this is not even up to half of the amazing ministration from this song! For some reason I could not find the lyrics online so I actually had to "listen-type-listen-type" to get these lyrics, so there may be some few errors but the over all gist here is the powerful ministration I got from this song while working out.

Song: My Soul Shall Soar Higher
Album: The World of My Dream
Artist: Samsong

Whats new with me? Nothing much...heading to Nigeria/Ghana tomorrow for a 2 weeks vacay, still job searching, absolutely loving my new church, growing my wedding blog, learning french, loving my husband even more. Overall life is good, God is faithful and my soul is soaring higher :)

Question: What's your current favorite Gospel work out song? Do share!

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  1. I'm in total agreement regarding those songs that have the ability to stir up your spirit. LOVE those! Then there's those I hear, that just have me bawling in awe of God's love & grace. Love those too, lol. Come to think of it, I love music period :)

    Yay for an awesome church ;) Have a safe flight dear! (I totally wish I could fit in your suitcase, lol)