Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Learning French | J'apprends le Francais

So as some of you know (especially those on my Twitter), I am on this french grind. I feel like I have been learning french all the days of my life and taking way too long breaks that when I get back to it, its like I'm back to square one. But this recent french session I started when I moved to Canada has been different, I've taken it more serious and I think I am improving.

One of the steps I took when I started this new french session was changing my phone to french. At first the effect was not great; my use of my phone decreased, lol. Being a social lover (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others), I finally forced myself to use my phone and make sense of all I was seeing and soon it became a better experience. And while it doesn't really help me with grammar and making sentences (which is what I struggle with the most), it sure increases my vocab.

So here are the new words my phone has enabled me to learn, obviously these are the very common words you see when using a mobile phone with example in parentheses;

Supprimer: To Delete (to delete the a not so pretty selfie)

Annuler: To Cancel (to cancel the unwanted app downloading)

Ouvrir: To Open (to open a new photo)

Telecharger: To Download (to download a photo from the web)

Chargement: Loading...(when you turn on your twitter app and it says "loading")

Rechercher: To Search (to search/scanning for wi-fi networks in your area)

Enregistrer: To Save (to save the new file you received in your email)

*sigh* Oh Lord I am patiently waiting till I am fluent in speaking and can rack up a whole blog post in french! Till then I'd manage English and a few pidgin here and there :)

Question of the Day: Are you learning a new language or have you learned one? Apart from the famous and obvious "Go to a place where the language is spoken" technique of learning, do you have any other techniques that works for you? If so, do share!


  1. Best technique is to date or marry a native speaker but eh.....bit too late for that lol
    Other than that just watch movies with subtitles and listen to pop music in that language

    1. haha! yeah that first option is a little tooo late. I keep wondering how watching shows/movies in another language would be for me...wont i be totally lost?

  2. I actually have some movies in French. Some books too for young ones. I downloaded Yemi Alade's French version of Johnny as well. What i try to do is learn new vocabulary (a word every other day) and use it as often as i can so that i don't forget and i can form new sentences :D

    I've slowed down so much now though *sigh*

  3. FUN!!! Are you teaching yourself or taking classes? What about those Conversational modules? When I was in college, there was a French club and an Italian club that met weekly. Unfortunately, I never went to any of them. Does your hubby speak French? If yes, speak with him. If not, erm, find a Skype friend.