Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Learning French | J'apprends le Francais

So as some of you know (especially those on my Twitter), I am on this french grind. I feel like I have been learning french all the days of my life and taking way too long breaks that when I get back to it, its like I'm back to square one. But this recent french session I started when I moved to Canada has been different, I've taken it more serious and I think I am improving.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

My Soul Shall Soar Higher | Working Out in The Spirit

*clears cobwebs gathered on this stale blog*

I totally feel like a visitor on this blog, I cant even begin to imagine how neglected this blog feels. Sometimes handling 2 blogs is easy but other times, it is just HARD (especially when you be trying to get some $$ from one and the devil is just being a liar). Anyways, today I have remembered this precious baby of mine, I am taking a break from the wedding blog and enjoying some "me" time on here.

So about my title, it's a song that I have been listening to lately. Let me back up a bit; with the summer (or should I say glimpse of summer) came my interest for healthy lifestyle - working out. I started running in the mornings and that helped me discover my very old iPod...I mean 4-5 years kinda old. So pretty much I have been running with some serious throwbacks and this song by Nigerian artist Samsong is one of them.