Thursday, May 1, 2014

All settled and missing Chicago

Someone would think I never lived in Canada the way settling down has been such a struggle. But then again I guess you get used to a place more when you spend more of your adult years there as opposed to the college years. I am continually thanking God for Mr. Punch these days because if I moved back to this country just by myself I for don frustrate by now! Pretty much "settling down" took me exactly 1 month and an extra day in total. Everything is finally checked off the list and I am now a full fleshed and documented Canadian permanent resident. Yesterday we worked the last leg of this relocation; car registration and insurance.

Oh we got a new favorite selfie was the Good Friday one :)
Speaking of Insurance I guess this would be the best point to start when I talk about missing Chicago. There are 3 basic things I keep wishing I could get/find here but the struggle is real/ just doesn't exist!

1. Insurance Rates that make sense!
Excuse me while I whine about the fact that Insurance rates are ridiculous in this country! I mean how does the same individual move from US to Canada with the same car and driving experience and is quoted a Canadian rate that is 6 times more than it is in the states? I mean, not 2 times or 3 times....all the way to 6 times more! It's still a shock to me, makes no sense and I just want to scream and throw this car away. lol...But then the problem of poor transport system arises. Oh dear Chicago!

2. My Hawaiian Bread
Oh my bread! It really breaks my heart that grocery stores don't carry this amazing piece of awesomeness! I can imagine there would be substitutes (which I haven't really seen) but can I just state that nothing can be compared to the real deal?

Like I can eat this break for breakfast, lunch and dinner and be alright (well not really since too much bread lands me constipation...but you get my drift sha). I miss my Hawaiian Bread and while I know going to US to buy this may be impulsive I am really considering it!

Now this one is just all sorts of painful. You see, my days in Chicago mostly consisted of my my KLOVE family. I mean they are with me at home, on the bus to work, at work but most of all (and missed of all) in my car! By now you are wondering what this is if you haven't clicked the link; it is my favorite radio station that I have grown to love in the past 3 years.

Now I no longer have those awesome moments where I get into my car and listen to it with out wondering how much data is being chopped by my phone company. I know you can probably say "It's not a big deal since you still get to listen online" but let me just say this: There is something pretty awesome about you alone in your car, shades on, feeling fly and enjoying your favorite station. Yes, that is what I miss very much!

Excuse me while I go make up another list why I do not miss Chicago!


  1. Lol.. I'm glad you're settling in nicely minus the insurance, bread and K-love of course!
    Love the selfie, nicee!

  2. Replies
    1. Oh wow, it's been a while Writefreak! Hope you are doing well! xx

  3. I've been in Nigeria for 3 years now - married for 6 months and I still miss home. Home being Atlanta, with my siblings and parents and cousins. I miss popping over to Walmart or Kroger for one random thing or another. I miss the Bert Show, NPR, my other radio stations - in fact, I miss listening to ONLY american music on the radio! I miss having all the fast food restaurants readily available - can I have fries, NOT chips! Girl, the list is loooooooooooooong. I know Cakes tries to help me "forget" but it's still hard sometimes.

    1. Buhahhahah! Berry you cracked me up especially with the "Fries not chips", LOL! That must be some crazy adjustment for you though...I should not even be complaining sef.