Thursday, May 1, 2014

All settled and missing Chicago

Someone would think I never lived in Canada the way settling down has been such a struggle. But then again I guess you get used to a place more when you spend more of your adult years there as opposed to the college years. I am continually thanking God for Mr. Punch these days because if I moved back to this country just by myself I for don frustrate by now! Pretty much "settling down" took me exactly 1 month and an extra day in total. Everything is finally checked off the list and I am now a full fleshed and documented Canadian permanent resident. Yesterday we worked the last leg of this relocation; car registration and insurance.

Oh we got a new favorite selfie was the Good Friday one :)
Speaking of Insurance I guess this would be the best point to start when I talk about missing Chicago. There are 3 basic things I keep wishing I could get/find here but the struggle is real/ just doesn't exist!