Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Settling Down...

It's more Traveler wife posts. I almost feel like I should just close this blog because all I can remember posting here was traveler wife this, Traveler wife that. Two people have actually called this blog the "Traveler Wife Blog" and I'm like "no, that is just a topic, it is called Gee's Lemonades" Lol. But of course I understand why they thought that, that was one topic I was very faithful to on this blog and now it's over I am kinda having writer's I try my best to remember there are other topics to write about. But where do I start?

After my last post I somehow feel like I'm supposed to write about my first week being a new-newly wed again. This "expectation" I have imagined on myself is making me feel pressured to write...but nothing is coming to my head and I guess it is because I am still settling down.

Moving to a new country is apparently more than just hopping into a car and doing a 10 hour road trip with your hubby to the new country. No, it entails documents, expenses, signatures and all the formalities of being an immigrant. If anyone told me I'd stay one week and not have hosted my own "welcome to Toronto party" I'd have never believed. But before I throw myself a party (even though it would be hosted in my head), I have to fully import my car to Canada, change my Illinois drivers license to the Ontario one, register the car and get new plates, find the right insurance that wont bankrupt me, get a phone and stop using Mr Punch's own, and finally change this apartment from a bachelor pad to a home of two. Lol! You see, so much to do and when I get overwhelmed I just watch Netflix instead - talk about terrible time management.

Btw no Sons Of Anarchy on Canadian Netflix? What shall become of me????? *weeping*
I have assumed this interim-Housewife role pretty well. I have not fully decided if I want to go back to corporate North America or if I want to totally switch career lanes. So while I figure all that and throw out my resumes to a few places, I just cook, clean and allow Netflix to keep me company - don't judge me oh, as long as I am concerned I am on holiday :)

But I need to do better! How is it that when I had a full time job I was keeping up with being a Wedding Blog editor so well and now I have become so sloppy? Back in Chicago I would blog up for the whole week on the weekend and each post would go up at 6 am every day - Monday to Friday. Now in Toronto I see myself struggling to finish up a post for that same day and sometimes it doesn't go up till noon. How is that even possible? I really expected to use this time of no job to be very productive with my blog but somehow it is not working....I just sit at home, clean, cook and watch Netflix.

sigh...I need to do better.


  1. Congratulations!!! Pls let no one shakara you no! Enjoy your newly wed/housewife/jobless/Tv addict position!

    1. Hahahha thank you! I am still enjoying it sef o!

  2. Lol.. I agree with Inthe, please enjoy it! xx