Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Settling Down...

It's more Traveler wife posts. I almost feel like I should just close this blog because all I can remember posting here was traveler wife this, Traveler wife that. Two people have actually called this blog the "Traveler Wife Blog" and I'm like "no, that is just a topic, it is called Gee's Lemonades" Lol. But of course I understand why they thought that, that was one topic I was very faithful to on this blog and now it's over I am kinda having writer's I try my best to remember there are other topics to write about. But where do I start?

After my last post I somehow feel like I'm supposed to write about my first week being a new-newly wed again. This "expectation" I have imagined on myself is making me feel pressured to write...but nothing is coming to my head and I guess it is because I am still settling down.