Monday, February 17, 2014

The Traveler Wife | Valentines O'clock

Date: February 14th, 2013
Trip from: Midway International Airport, Chicago
Trip to: Billy Bishop Airport, Toronto, Canada
Flight: Porter Airlines, 394 . 7.20 pm flight
Written: In the Air

I know I growled in my last post about not continuing with this series, as much as I would love to stop, I have decided this might be my therapeutic avenue to keep me sane in this thing called long distance relationship.

So currently I am on my way back to Chicago but I have decided to recap my trip to Toronto first before we discover what this current trip has in store for me and have it up for the next post.

I walked out of the office holding my white box that had his valentine's gift wrapped. I was in a hurry because I had been delayed a bit by office work and had a flight to catch - more like had a valentine's day to catch. Then I got to my office elevator and figured how weird I looked carrying an obvious valentine's day gift, I mean, it was valentines day! I decided I may not be able to stand the stares and whispers from co-workers and the fellow train passengers on my way to the airport so quickly I grabbed my scarf and wrapped it. 

I got to the airport and for some reason had to take off the scarf...I must have imagined the stares at the airport may not be as bad since I would most likely not be the only one with an obvious valentine's day gift. In a way, I was right; I wasn't the only one. But still I felt weird, I still got stares. Many carried flowers that you could actually see but I guess there was something about a wrapped box that made others wonder "What has she got in there?" Next time, I'd grab a bag! 

This trip was kind of a snag, no kidding. After the flight was about 1 hour late I finally caught a break,or so I thought! My seat was 4C; the 4th row on the plane! If you travel internationally like me you might understand the joy in this; being one of the first to exit the plane and one of the first in line for customs - those annoying customs lines.

So my excitement was fresh as I balanced in my 4C spot and read a book through out the flight. It was a wedding book. *grin grin grin* I guess being a wedding blogger has perks like these; people giving you their unreleased books to review! So I can say I enjoyed the flight though Porter airlines had stolen 1 hour of my time with the husband.

Then we get out of the plane, and I quickly rush out trying to not waste any further time and get to the customs line....well let's say my 4C seat made no difference! Woah...the line was more than any customs line I had ever been in for any North America trip. Apparently whatever the delay was back in Chicago affected the flight that was coming from New York to Toronto, so when we landed, we met a full New York flight in line in addition to the Chicago flight. By the time I was done, met my husband and got home...I'd just keep it simple: Valentine's day was over!

Porter Airline: 1
Traveler wife: 0

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