Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Traveler Wife | Feeling Exhausted

Date: February 2nd 2014 
Trip from: Billy Bishop Airport, Toronto, Canada
Trip to: Midway International Airport, Chicago
Flight: Porter Airlines, 383. 7.00 am flight
Written: In the Air 

Obviously I'm getting tired of being a traveler wife...this series is probably coming to an end as it is becoming difficult being happy with all this traveling back and forth. As usual, today we woke up at 4.30 am today. *sigh* I am sleepy, tired and most of terribly missing my husband already. This is not the life I signed up for in June 2012 o! Okay maybe it was but I sure did not expect it to last this long.

So this is why this series might be coming to an end; I don't want you all reading about how sad I feel because Mr. Punch and I live in 2 separate countries. I'm running out of ways to make this Lemon a Lemonade...

Since this is a return trip, it is obvious I did not document the Friday trip when I got to Toronto. I really was not in the mood. It was an almost empty plane which I slept a bit and read my bible for the most part. This return trip is not any different really, well except that it is a FULL flight but somehow I still managed to get the seat next to me empty. Yay! Breakfast was pretty good; muffin, yogurt and tea. Anything is better than that last trip to LA for 4 hours that served only drinks! Na drinks person go chop?

I'm not excited to be going back to Chicago, I'm tired of that place. Its just exhausting living there and I wish I could elaborate more but my present situation won't let me. Maybe someday I'd let you in on my Chicago life but until then, just know I'm just sick of it.

I miss him, this year started off really great in LA but when we got back to Chicago everything felt like it was all just going downhill. I'm pretty excited it's February and hopeful I won't have a month like January ever! Yeah it was that tough.

Anyways I won't bore you with my whining. 
I'd go back to sleep now for the rest of this flight and head straight to the office once I land.

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