Monday, February 24, 2014

The Appointed Time?

No kidding, tough situations make you ask a lot of questions! Lately I've found myself questioning a number of things about my faith. I wonder if what I have always thought was the answer is really the answer, especially when I apply it and get no results.

Today's question was pretty much the question on my heart last week. You know the famous Habakkuk scripture of the vision being for an appointed time right? You know, the scripture we quote when we need to encourage someone that seems to be "waiting" on the Lord for just too long? Yeah that scripture - Habakkuk 2:3

Does that still apply today or is the idea of an "appointed time" an old testament thing? Lemme try and rephrase; so someone said to me-which I have always believed, until now of course- that we decide the length of our trials. So pretty much it is in our hands whether the struggle ends today or next year.

Like I said, this is what I have always believed but when you find yourself in some situations, things begin to not seem so simplified. So my question is, which is it? The appointed time by God or the appointed time by You? Or a balance? If it is indeed a balance, how does one find this point of balance?

Random: I need to find a sport to start playing. A brutal sport, I'm thinking Football. X_X

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  1. I think its the appointed time by God. I believe there are some situations that you cannot get yourself out of. I don't really think the length of your trial depends on us because God has a set time for everything. You can choose not to wait any longer or make alternative plans but ultimately in some situations it depends on when He ends it. PS Speaking from experience :)