Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A House Of Cards Valentine's Day

So, after my last Traveler Wife post, I figured I might as well talk a bit about how the "post" Valentine's day went. 

After Mr. Punch and I got home, I was welcomed by flowers on the table and my grouchy self finally told him the white box I was carrying was for him. He did not open it, we just went straight to bed and figured the next day would be the official Valentine's day...but we had another thing coming.

Over to Saturday morning, we did the early morning usual and our day begun. We had still not made a reservation for this Indian restaurant Mr. Punch had talked about for the Valentine's day lunch or dinner. I mean what was the rush? "It cant be full, it's not really Valentine's day!" I thought to myself. So after breakfast and ...(really cant remember what we did here), I opened my laptop and got on Netflix. House of Cards was on my mind.

Mr. Punch had never watched HoC so he kept himself busy for a while and later joined me in bed with Frank and Claire Underwood...that sounds weird right? Speaking of those two, did you see that really gross scene? Sorry for my digression. So we kept at it (HoC), fell asleep, woke up and continued till there was just not point of going out again - HoC was that intriguing. By the time we were done with the season, I was dreaming of a good American restaurant and not an Indian one. Frank Underwood had made my mouth water with those BBQ Ribs from Freddy's BBQ Joint he was constantly eating.

So we moved Valentine's day over to Sunday and Indian food over to American. Right after church we got to searching...where to find BBQ ribs? Back in college I remember for almost everyone's birthday the Keg was the go to place, so that was our first option and I remembered they used to have killer amazing BBQ Ribs. But we were 2 hours early and they still had not opened. Then the search began. Dear Ribs where art thou? Mr. Punch had mentioned Jack Astors because it was one of the few Grill spots he had never been to in his neighborhood. So we pulled over but No, they don't serve ribs! At this point I am there thinking "Frank Underwood I need you right now to pull some strings here!"

As we drove away, unsure of where next to go, we passed by a place called Canyon Creek. We had never been there and never heard of it but at that point every place was worth giving a try. We pulled over and I went in to confirm if indeed they served Ribs. The lady at the door confirmed it all.

My smile widened..

My mouth watered...

I may have whispered "Frank Underwood, thank you!"

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