Friday, January 3, 2014

The Traveler Couple | First Air Trip with Him

Date: January 1st 2014
Trip from: O'Hare International Airport, Chicago
Trip to: Los Angeles International Airport
Flight: American, 1445. 3.45 pm flight
Written: In the Air

Photo from Stock Illustration
Happy new year! Lord knows I have been looking forward to this day for a very long time; the day I get to write a traveler couple post! We've known of this trip for about 2 months and since then I have been counting down. So many things about this trip is exciting; the fact I get to take a break from the cold, the fact I get to visit the west coast for the very first time but most of all the fact that Mr Punch and I get to fly together for the very first time ever! If you read my first travel wife post you can sort of get what the big deal is about; being that annoying lovey dovey couple in the plane! Well that was how it was all planned in my head but we all know things happen a bit differently in real life right?

Let's start from the beginning... Well almost the beginning; when we woke up to Chicago's snowstorm! In my mind I just started weeping. It looked absolutely impossible for any object to be flying in the air with that much snow falling. But in faith we continued to pack and prepare. Then we checked the flights in the morning going to LA, both cancelled. Yepa! "We musto enter LA today o!", I tried to ginger myself more, our flight still said on time so we carried on.

We got to the airport and figured just one flight had left, the one just before us. That definitely was a faith booster; I was in no mood to stay in Chicago one more night! Finally we boarded, late but at least we boarded and left the ground after all the anti ice preparation the airline did. We finally took off one hour later and this was what it looked like. 

Now let's talk about american airlines! I would never have guessed that the only complimentary food they would serve on a 4 hour flight would be beverages...I mean, coffee, water and juice? Of course again I compare with my regular Porter airline where they try to add chips and cookies. So Mr Punch and I ended up purchasing a sandwich for $9.99! To me, all these ancillary fees are just theft, coded theft! Talking about coded theft? this what the wi-fi charges looked like...

This is a huge plane of approximately 210 seats with about 6 screens to watch the movie on board. I can't even complain, Porter nor get TV. I have slept and woken up and decided to indulge them with this movie...some Greek god type of movie. This has definitely been the longest domestic flight we've both been on and it is taking a while for us to really adjust; we were already tired when we arrived at the airport so you can imagine how tired we are on this plane. Mr Punch has been in and out of sleep so not much activity going on on his end but its still a pleasure to be next to him I tell you. 

So it with a heavy heart that I break this news to you; We were not the annoying lovey dovey couple on the plane today. Too tired, too cramped up in economy class, too drained of American airline fees, this trip could not just accommodate all the plans I had for our first trip together. All those airport lovey dovey runs shall be done on our return trip I promise. On our return we should be more relaxed and have time to stroll in the airport holding hands, stealing kisses and maybe feeding each other while we eat. All that annoying "I'm so in love" runs must happen by fire by force. Pray Mr Punch plays this game along with me perfectly; this guy sometimes can like to rain on some parades...

Till next time while we paint Los Angeles red...

Traveler Couple.


  1. Hahaha! I remember one trip Mr Me n I took just after our wedding. I was leaving naija so I was (understandably) sad, crying and all. He was extra sweet, lovey dovey n all.

    If I thought that would last forever, well I woke up to reality, lol! well let me just say anytime we travel together, I need to have a backup plan cuz his default flight mode is sleep!

  2. eww the weather looked horrible. I really detest the high way robbery prices that the airlines charge.