Thursday, December 25, 2014

The Gift of Christmas Breakfast

Merry Christmas everyone! While this post is titled "Christmas Breakfast" it is actually "Christmas Eve Breakfast". Mr. Punch and I did not do much today (we wanted to play it cozy, stay indoors and watch Netflix), but we sure planned stuff around Christmas day; Christmas Eve and Boxing day.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Let's Play Catch Up - Because it's been 3 months since I blogged

Hi lovely readers, 
It's been a while since I wrote here. Quite a number of things have happened since the last time I posted and before I could say "Jack Robinson", 3 months went by. I got so busy with the wedding blog, trying to "make it", got busy with job searching trying to "make it", got busy with my new YouTube Talk show...yeah you guessed right, trying to MAKE IT!

So clearly I have had my hands full and to be honest I think I need a break from this busy life. Not like I hate being busy, actually busy is good (Ain't Nobody got time that - for an Idle life). But being busy really sucks when all your busyness is not yielding profit...unprofitable busyness = the worst!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

4 Reasons To Love the Fall Season

Yay, happy official fall day! Allow me to introduce my favorite season ever, even though I am almost 15 hours late with this post. I hope you caught the fun intro on Google's homepage though! Once again, happy Fall day!

So why is a season making me overly excited? Here is why... 4 major reasons I love the fall season! *hope you caught my rhyme there*

1. Beauty: Oh the beauty! What's not to love about the colors of nature we get to experience in the fall season? As I drove back from my appointment today into my parking lot, the yellow-greenish colors (since it's still early, later they get more of yellow-brownish) of the leaves falling off the tree was quite a sight to behold. I smiled instantly and knew I had to write about how amazing this season is.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Is He Husband Material with No Savings?

Hey loves, so I got my first question ever from someone on my Facebook and I was quite eager to share it all with you after I replied her. I am no marriage counselor of course, and this question was very random because I never started all those "Ask Gee" kinda posts. So this came as a total surprise to me but I figured I'd throw it your way to add your answers and thoughts to this question asked.

Photo via Save your Relationship

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Currently Watching: My 2 TV shows

You should know I'm one of Netflix's biggest fans out there. While I lived in Chicago I never had cable, actually even in Maryland I never had cable. So technically for the past 4 years of my life I lived a cable-less life and to my surprise I loved it. This is the point where I would say THANK YOU NETFLIX !

It was during those times I watched the most TV shows ever, got to even watch some more than twice (hint: Jack  Bauer). So needless to say, I'm a serious Netflixer. Somehow I have managed to get Mr. Punch on this Netflix life and its been absolutely fun having a partner in all of this. So with that said and as the title implies, I thought I'd share my TV-shows-capades with you all. I am currently watching 2 shows which I have gotten to absolutely love. One I watch with Mr. Punch and the other I watch by myself - at night when he is asleep or in the day when he is at work.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

6 Phases After My Bad Job Interview

This is me right now...2 days ago I got to attend an interview by one of the competitors of the company I worked with while in Chicago. If that is not clue enough I could spell it out...the position was right up my alley! After being a research analyst in Chicago for the last 3 years, I walked into that interview with the "I got THIS" mentality....little did I know what was coming.

I got in a bit early, calmed my nerves, drank some water and waited till it was 10 am. Then the two of them walked in with wide smiles, the interview began and it was smooth sailing. You know, the regular; Tell me about yourself, the kind of job you did in Chicago, what kind of cases you worked on, etc. Pretty much I could see I had confirmed my "asset-status" because I had a similar work experience for the job. Until...she brought out that PAPER!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Answering the Questions: Liebster Award

it's been a while since I felt like a part of the internet community and for the most parts I am too busy to care - really, the wedding blog takes up all of my time. But when I decide to slow down and relax, this blog is just the perfect spot for me. I get to be me, talk about the most random stuff and engage with people I probably would never meet - sound awesome right? So the few times I get to notice a sense of community with this blog, I get excited and if I am not too busy, I participate. 

Saturday, July 26, 2014

24th at Vindaloo

Selfie-cation! I promise, he is the best selfie partner ever!
3 days ago we celebrated another 24th. I know many people count their wedding anniversaries in years but just as you count your toddlers age in months so do Mr. Punch et moi count our anniversaries. So every 24th is always a day to celebrate, reflect and love some more. In most cases we just wish ourselves "Happy 24th" in other cases we treat ourselves with nice things. Yesterday we treated ourselves to fine Indian dining, yuuuuum!

That morning he had asked what I was in the mood for and I said Indian food, so thanks to Google, he found one just 11 minutes away; Vindaloo. Boy O boy, was that a fantastic choice or what? We headed out in black and white; he wore black shirt and black pants, I wore a long white dress. What was extra cool about it was that when we got to the restaurant, it was a black and white themed decor! That was just a fantastic and pleasant surprise.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Vacation, Staycation, Sadcation, Vexcation | Traveler Wife

*Long Post Alert! I was going to break in the 3 posts but I decided I'd spit it out once and for all!*

Yup, this one month that just passed has happened just like the title. I am currently at the BWI airport here just steaming off the last phase of the title (Vex-cation). I bet you are surprised to see a "Traveler Wife" title but I just had represents the trips I take alone; without the man I married.

It all began on June 12th 214 *insert dramatic music here* Mr Punch and I set off to the motherland for the first time together as husband and wife for a two week vacation. Planned to the details, we visited Nigeria first and spent time with my family in Port Harcourt. It was borderline busy for the most part as we had only 7 days to see other family and friends. It was also an experience for us because things were so different to us...I mean Nigeria has changed! And I don't mean for the better. From the unbelievable traffic, to the electricity issue to the bad roads...hello, we really were in Nigeria.

But as much as all those things get under your skin and you feel uncomfortable, somewhere inside of you, you are still happy to be home. Mr Punch was meeting my dad and brother for the first time and I was seeing them for the first time in 3 years...clearly it as a long overdue visit I would cherish for a long time.
Day 1 selfie in Accra. We were on our way to his brother's graduation

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Peace for the Anxious Heart

"Hello Trials & Challenges" said no one ever! Why? Because challenges are never fun. They maybe fun once we get out but when you are in them it is hard to make sense of it all. So we ask ourselves multiple variations of the question "Why?" and get our hearts filled up with worry and Anxiety.

I hate being anxious. I feel when I'm anxious about a problem I'm facing (let's call it problem A), then I begin to see more problems I did not know even existed. So I'm thinking of my finances and somehow I connect it with my relationships, then a few moments later I add an issue with my health. Before I can snap back to the initial problem, I'm back with more of them. Why? Because anxiety/worry is thinking of the issue and the other possible issues the initial issue could bring - hope I did not lose you with the numerous use for the word "issue" there!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

My Mistake, His Will?

You know those "religious" statements we make when things go wrong like "God knows best", "There is a reason", etc. Not to say these statements are lies but they have some how been translated into mere words/christian vocab and sometimes I hear myself using them to excuse my mistakes. This post is born out of a recent situation I have faced here in Ghana (that has caused my trip to be extended until somethings are corrected), but I would tie it to another issue I faced when I was back in Chicago and waiting to wrap up the Traveler wife I lived for almost 2 years.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Learning French | J'apprends le Francais

So as some of you know (especially those on my Twitter), I am on this french grind. I feel like I have been learning french all the days of my life and taking way too long breaks that when I get back to it, its like I'm back to square one. But this recent french session I started when I moved to Canada has been different, I've taken it more serious and I think I am improving.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

My Soul Shall Soar Higher | Working Out in The Spirit

*clears cobwebs gathered on this stale blog*

I totally feel like a visitor on this blog, I cant even begin to imagine how neglected this blog feels. Sometimes handling 2 blogs is easy but other times, it is just HARD (especially when you be trying to get some $$ from one and the devil is just being a liar). Anyways, today I have remembered this precious baby of mine, I am taking a break from the wedding blog and enjoying some "me" time on here.

So about my title, it's a song that I have been listening to lately. Let me back up a bit; with the summer (or should I say glimpse of summer) came my interest for healthy lifestyle - working out. I started running in the mornings and that helped me discover my very old iPod...I mean 4-5 years kinda old. So pretty much I have been running with some serious throwbacks and this song by Nigerian artist Samsong is one of them.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

All settled and missing Chicago

Someone would think I never lived in Canada the way settling down has been such a struggle. But then again I guess you get used to a place more when you spend more of your adult years there as opposed to the college years. I am continually thanking God for Mr. Punch these days because if I moved back to this country just by myself I for don frustrate by now! Pretty much "settling down" took me exactly 1 month and an extra day in total. Everything is finally checked off the list and I am now a full fleshed and documented Canadian permanent resident. Yesterday we worked the last leg of this relocation; car registration and insurance.

Oh we got a new favorite selfie was the Good Friday one :)
Speaking of Insurance I guess this would be the best point to start when I talk about missing Chicago. There are 3 basic things I keep wishing I could get/find here but the struggle is real/ just doesn't exist!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Settling Down...

It's more Traveler wife posts. I almost feel like I should just close this blog because all I can remember posting here was traveler wife this, Traveler wife that. Two people have actually called this blog the "Traveler Wife Blog" and I'm like "no, that is just a topic, it is called Gee's Lemonades" Lol. But of course I understand why they thought that, that was one topic I was very faithful to on this blog and now it's over I am kinda having writer's I try my best to remember there are other topics to write about. But where do I start?

After my last post I somehow feel like I'm supposed to write about my first week being a new-newly wed again. This "expectation" I have imagined on myself is making me feel pressured to write...but nothing is coming to my head and I guess it is because I am still settling down.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Traveler Wife ending in 0

...In 0 days.
Pretty much that means today; Today I stop being a Traveler Wife because finally after 18 months of waiting on Canadian Immigration and 21 months of being in a long distance marriage, I finally get to be with Mr Punch.

While we waited, Sunday Morning Selfies became a thing for us
You see, I am not entirely sure about how I feel right now, okay I should explain that.

You know how when you have waited for something for so long and then it comes and you just have this feeling of exhaustion? Like you are almost getting into the phase of "Hey it's about time!" instead of the grateful phase of "Thank God"?

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A House Of Cards Valentine's Day

So, after my last Traveler Wife post, I figured I might as well talk a bit about how the "post" Valentine's day went. 

After Mr. Punch and I got home, I was welcomed by flowers on the table and my grouchy self finally told him the white box I was carrying was for him. He did not open it, we just went straight to bed and figured the next day would be the official Valentine's day...but we had another thing coming.

Over to Saturday morning, we did the early morning usual and our day begun. We had still not made a reservation for this Indian restaurant Mr. Punch had talked about for the Valentine's day lunch or dinner. I mean what was the rush? "It cant be full, it's not really Valentine's day!" I thought to myself. So after breakfast and ...(really cant remember what we did here), I opened my laptop and got on Netflix. House of Cards was on my mind.

Monday, February 24, 2014

The Appointed Time?

No kidding, tough situations make you ask a lot of questions! Lately I've found myself questioning a number of things about my faith. I wonder if what I have always thought was the answer is really the answer, especially when I apply it and get no results.

Today's question was pretty much the question on my heart last week. You know the famous Habakkuk scripture of the vision being for an appointed time right? You know, the scripture we quote when we need to encourage someone that seems to be "waiting" on the Lord for just too long? Yeah that scripture - Habakkuk 2:3

Monday, February 17, 2014

The Traveler Wife | Valentines O'clock

Date: February 14th, 2013
Trip from: Midway International Airport, Chicago
Trip to: Billy Bishop Airport, Toronto, Canada
Flight: Porter Airlines, 394 . 7.20 pm flight
Written: In the Air

I know I growled in my last post about not continuing with this series, as much as I would love to stop, I have decided this might be my therapeutic avenue to keep me sane in this thing called long distance relationship.

So currently I am on my way back to Chicago but I have decided to recap my trip to Toronto first before we discover what this current trip has in store for me and have it up for the next post.

I walked out of the office holding my white box that had his valentine's gift wrapped. I was in a hurry because I had been delayed a bit by office work and had a flight to catch - more like had a valentine's day to catch. Then I got to my office elevator and figured how weird I looked carrying an obvious valentine's day gift, I mean, it was valentines day! I decided I may not be able to stand the stares and whispers from co-workers and the fellow train passengers on my way to the airport so quickly I grabbed my scarf and wrapped it. 

Thursday, February 13, 2014

"Help Me Lord" is The New Prayer

Photo via Christian Freedom
I woke up yesterday morning to read my daily devotion -Our Daily Bread, Hyperseeing- which in the weirdest way addressed how I have been feeling this whole 2014. *Btw, I am so over this year already...I want 2015 to come already, lol* Anyways, right after I read the devotion and meditated, the words got me tweeting. In about 10 minutes max on the bus on my way to the office, I tweeted;
  • For those God foreknew he also predestined to be conformed to the image of his Son - Rom 8:29
  • And now I am beginning to understand that the "conforming" is not always an easy process. 
  • That "conforming" is also the "refining", which speaks of fire for gold to come out shiny (glorious). It hurts, it burns! 
  • But we are supposed to count it all Joy right? I am still trying to find how to do that. 
  • These are the times you don't even know what to pray. You wake up in the morning and just say "Help me Lord". lol

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Traveler Wife | Feeling Exhausted

Date: February 2nd 2014 
Trip from: Billy Bishop Airport, Toronto, Canada
Trip to: Midway International Airport, Chicago
Flight: Porter Airlines, 383. 7.00 am flight
Written: In the Air 

Obviously I'm getting tired of being a traveler wife...this series is probably coming to an end as it is becoming difficult being happy with all this traveling back and forth. As usual, today we woke up at 4.30 am today. *sigh* I am sleepy, tired and most of terribly missing my husband already. This is not the life I signed up for in June 2012 o! Okay maybe it was but I sure did not expect it to last this long.

Friday, January 3, 2014

The Traveler Couple | First Air Trip with Him

Date: January 1st 2014
Trip from: O'Hare International Airport, Chicago
Trip to: Los Angeles International Airport
Flight: American, 1445. 3.45 pm flight
Written: In the Air

Photo from Stock Illustration
Happy new year! Lord knows I have been looking forward to this day for a very long time; the day I get to write a traveler couple post! We've known of this trip for about 2 months and since then I have been counting down. So many things about this trip is exciting; the fact I get to take a break from the cold, the fact I get to visit the west coast for the very first time but most of all the fact that Mr Punch and I get to fly together for the very first time ever! If you read my first travel wife post you can sort of get what the big deal is about; being that annoying lovey dovey couple in the plane! Well that was how it was all planned in my head but we all know things happen a bit differently in real life right?