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The Traveler Friend | Gee Goes to Atlanta

Wow! *removes cobwebs from the corner of this blog* It's been a while since I dropped by right? Blame me not, things got so busy these past few weeks. But finally it's all winding down, things are happening and little by little and I am trying to document them. This Traveler Wife Friend post was written a while ago but

Date: November 18th 2013 
Trip from: Midway International Airport, Chicago
Trip to: Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport
Flight: Southwest (Carried by AirTran), 6097. 7.00 pm flight
Written: In the Air

Whoooosh! Guess who is in the air after a while of strictly being on land? Lol, yes you guessed right, me! I almost can't believe how much I have missed my air runs, as in, airports, airplanes and all that happen in between. From the last traveler wife episode you all know I have not visited Mr Punch so technically I haven't flown anywhere since I only fly to Toronto.

But today, all that changed as I walked into my regular airport - Chicago midway - but instead of talking to the ladies on my left, I headed to those on my right - this time I headed to Atlanta and not Toronto. So ideally this is not a traveler wife piece but a traveler girlfriend/maid-of-honor/ trip! 
Myself and Wumstik. Photo by BcOY Photography
With the change in my travel from Toronto to Atlanta and from Porter to Southwest I have had some traveler blonde moments I must say! So I got into the airport and headed straight to the waiting line to get a boarding pass. The line was ridiculously long and I immediately started freaking out about the possibility of missing the flight. So my darling host calls to check up on me and begins to wonder why I am in line. I think at some point she must have said "who waits in line for their boarding pass?"- I was confused...."Err all these humans in front of me" I responded. She laughed hysterically and asked for my confirmation number over the phone. And that was how I got checked in online and in about 5 mins the kiosk printed my boarding pass. Ha! This was serious american wonder!!! Okay you may be "duh-ing' right now and wondering how someone like me did not know all that. Excuse me but did I say I have traveled locally before? All that american wonder doesn't happen when flying internationally with a Nigerian green passport so I gave up on all those kiosk movement since. But today I remembered flying locally was very different; I mean, I can actually fly with just my drivers license!!

So you see, as much as I claim the title of being a traveler wife and losing counts of the number of times I've been in a plane this year, clearly I do not know it all. That is how I would have missed my flight based on ignorance if Wumstik did not call.

Now this southwest airline. My next american wonder moment might have been when I walked in and saw how big this plane was. Woahhhhh will a plane this big float in the air? I almost wondered then I remembered the ones that go back to Nigeria. Then I saw the seats! Hain!?! They were like double of what I was used to on my Porter flights, my smile widened and I thought "mehn southwest needs to fly to Toronto!" That was just before I walked past the first few rows and realized those large seats were only for the business class. Yes my wide smile shrunk and never in my life had I wished so bad to be flying business class! Obviously all of these are in comparison to what I am used to -Porter airlines- that I've been flying this whole year. I almost forgot other planes existed with so much difference.

Can we talk about WiFi? Eeeesh! As I walked into the plane I quickly spotted the signs of WiFi and instantly I started making plans of how I would not be sleeping on this flight...well I slept, woke up, tried it and saw I had to pay! Mstchewwwwww! I'm so pissed so I'm not sure I'm going to kudos southwest for this even though Porter doesn't even offer the service at all. But they said half bread is better than none right? So I guess the availability of the service would make that a plus then.

Like I said before, this trip really is about reminding me why some exposure in this traveler wife life is good. I still love my Porter and all but sometimes its just nice to see other things out there.

Ps: Their plane food was an epic fail though, in comparison to Porter. I guess they have spent all their money on large seats and WiFi (all I could not enjoy- so we get to starve). Lol okay clearly now I'm just hatin'

Atlanta here I come!

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  1. Very funny piece ,can't help but smile. You and the bride look dashing and I hope you had a smooth flight. Compliments of the season to u and I hope you are enjoying the hols.
    Still remembering your gracious comment on my guest post in Blogs by Christian women, I dropped you a special appreciation line on my blog. Thanks dear,you made blogging in 2013 worthwhile.