Friday, December 27, 2013

The Traveler Friend | Gee Goes to Atlanta

Wow! *removes cobwebs from the corner of this blog* It's been a while since I dropped by right? Blame me not, things got so busy these past few weeks. But finally it's all winding down, things are happening and little by little and I am trying to document them. This Traveler Wife Friend post was written a while ago but

Date: November 18th 2013 
Trip from: Midway International Airport, Chicago
Trip to: Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport
Flight: Southwest (Carried by AirTran), 6097. 7.00 pm flight
Written: In the Air

Whoooosh! Guess who is in the air after a while of strictly being on land? Lol, yes you guessed right, me! I almost can't believe how much I have missed my air runs, as in, airports, airplanes and all that happen in between. From the last traveler wife episode you all know I have not visited Mr Punch so technically I haven't flown anywhere since I only fly to Toronto.

But today, all that changed as I walked into my regular airport - Chicago midway - but instead of talking to the ladies on my left, I headed to those on my right - this time I headed to Atlanta and not Toronto. So ideally this is not a traveler wife piece but a traveler girlfriend/maid-of-honor/ trip! 
Myself and Wumstik. Photo by BcOY Photography

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Checking In


Life has been living, nothing much on my end. Thanksgiving was pretty awesome though I did not travel to Canada, so I thank God for that. I have been really busy lately with very random stuff that I can't seem to place my hands on. I see myself craving the weekend more than ever these days, a time to just be a couch potato and skype with my husband. I am used to having those weekends when it is not a travel weekend but I have been robbed of them with one event or the other. Not that I am complaining though, I went for a young Adult Conference Missio Dei here in Chicago and it was pretty awesome. I got to meet and listen to this amazing young man sing, boy can he sing! Meet Jonathan McReynolds. I can't remember when last I bought someone's CD and asked for an autograph too...oh that was this last weekend!