Friday, November 22, 2013

The Traveler Wife | The Visa Verdict

It's not a travel weekend yet but I feel I should update you since there would not be anyone next week as planned... I guess really the visa was (and currently is) expiring so out the window goes my thanksgiving trip!

I don't know how I feel honestly, it's a mixture of disappointment and relief. Does that even make sense?

Disappointment in the sense that I would be missing out on a 5 day trip to be with my husband! Being in a long distance marriage is sometimes difficult so after struggling, you finally find what works for you and in our case that was seeing ourselves every other week. Of course this builds up excitement we both always have something to look forward to (one of the reason I even started this series). This trip was supposed to be from Wednesday to Monday since it's American thanksgiving so you can only begin to imagine the degree of excitement and expectation I was on. All for that to be stripped off ...

Yup, it hurts!

Speaking about relief I am somehow glad about the certainty this news I received today brought. You see, from my last trip I haven't been able to settle down properly; I have been on phone calls longer than expected, bounced around from extension to extension, drafted and sent a couple of long email, all to rectify this visa issue. This whole process has been going on for a couple of days and it all ended today - not the way I expected or hoped for but it definitely came to an end. I received the call from Border services to confirm that I must have either misunderstood or the customs officer I met gave me wrong information. Either way the call was giving me the verdict that I would need to apply for a new visa (which takes a minimum of 30 days). She was a sweet lady though, she let me down pretty easy. I agreed with her and said "I understand" as a tiny amount of tears formed in my eyes.

Yup, I'm relieved.

As usual my mind is battling with understanding how this was "Handled" but my spirit keeps reminding me that all things work together for my good. I may have messed up by not being careful enough but the good thing about God is that he is never out of solutions no matter how messy it might be; no situation surprises him. Who knows, he may just have other thanksgiving plans for me in this cold and lonely Chicago after all! *tries hard to smile this situation off*

It is well.


  1. awwwwwwwww* hugs from State College big sissy :(!!! I am highly displeased to hear this news and I cannot imagine how you feel. cheer up hun, God is in control.