Monday, November 4, 2013

The Traveler Wife: I did not miss my Flight

This post is long over due, I have been so busy doing nothing but being a Real housewife of Mr.Punch that this entry has just been sitting in my Journal waiting to be transferred to this Blog. Another trip (my return trip) is around the corner so I had to quickly publish this.

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Date: October 25th 2013
Trip from: Midway International Airport, Chicago
Trip to: Billy Bishop Airport, Toronto, Canada
Flight: Porter Airlines, 392 . 7.20 pm flight
Written: In the Air

Apart from the fact that I almost missed my flight, I think this is turning into being an uneventful flight. I can't remember the last time I have rushed for a flight where every other person had boarded and I was the only one left; I think they even started announcing my name. The last trip must have made me forget how quickly Porter Airlines board since they usually have very few passengers compared to the other flights in that airport. 

So why did I almost miss my flight?

...or at least I was trying to. Ugh! I feel that is the lamest excuse ever especially due to the fact that I almost hate shopping and I find airport shopping to be the worst! Last night my darling husband informed me that we had a birthday dinner to attend. Who gives a woman 1 day notice though?? So finding what to wear became an unexpected stress moment that ended not so pleasantly; I found a dress but not a perfect enough necklace. So that was what I was looking for at the airport, to boost up my somewhat-boring-outfit

I am really sleepy, I should not be writing. The plane is too peaceful and empty to not take advantage of. 
So Goodnight.

The Traveler Wife.

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