Monday, November 18, 2013

The Traveler Wife | An Extra 8 hours With Him

A shot of Toronto Downtown from Billy Bishop Airport
Date: November 18th 2013
Trip from: Billy Bishop Airport, Toronto, Canada
Trip to: Midway International Airport, Chicago
Flight: Porter Airlines, 389. 3.20 pm flight
Written: In the Air

Finally we head to Chicago. If you have been following this series you would know I usually return to Chicago in the mornings and head straight to the office. Well this time around the terrible weather condition called for my morning flight to be cancelled and here I am on a late afternoon flight. Of course that means I had to call off work today and same as Mr. Punch since he had to bring me to the airport. Yeah, somewhere inside of me is happy I got to spend an extra 8 hours with the husband.

Have you ever been so full of sleep that you can’t sleep anymore? Well that was our story last night since we rushed to bed so we could wake up refreshed for my morning flight that never happened. We had set the alarm for 4.30 am and by 3 am we kinda both got up full of it. We struggled to get back to bed after I checked my email to see my flight had been cancelled. We were sorta successful on that.

If you fly regularly you might be able to tell that when a flight is cancelled the probability of your new flight being full is high. Obviously that is the case here. I hate full flights; I am not able to stretch my legs on the seat next to me and the customs line is usually lengthy especially when you don’t get to have the front seats in the plane. With this flight being this full, I have my eyes on this man on the other side of the aisle. No, not in a romantic kind of way of course! But I mean he is one of the few people that have the luxury of having an empty seat to stretch his leg. 

Dear empty seat, I got my eyes on you!
I’m just here thinking of ways to get him to switch seats with me without looking silly. Here are the options I have; to play the damsel in distress (not being able to stretch my legs) act where I bat my eyelashes and make him believe I really need this more than him or any other person in the plane for that matter. Or hey, I can play the “religion” card you know? The one where it says I can’t sit next to another man that is not my father, brother or husband…lol you would be surprise how many things can get swept under the religion carpet! *sigh* I give up, they would be both lies and manipulation and that is not what Jesus died for, so I would manage my seat and count the remaining minutes till I land in Chicago. 

Clap for me, I did not buy airport food! I actually packed lunch today and it feels like I have conquered the world of traveling! Rice, beans and stew was the lunch Mr. Punch prepared this morning and it is with great joy I have eaten it – well, some of it. However Porter airlines do not carry proper fork or spoon on their flight to enjoying my meal was a tad difficult for me. That object below is what I was given to eat with…and look silly doing. I had some of the food and gave up on this mission. I’d eat the rest when I get home for dinner. 

About my visa expiration and my next trip? Once I land, I hope to figure all that out and praying that my thanksgiving trip is not affected in anyway. 

Till next time readers!

Added after speaking with Porter management: Fingers still crossed, I spoke with the manager so I am supposed to call back tomorrow and confirm things are straight. Thanks to those who prayed/hoped/wished it would go well.


  1. i can appreciate all the traveling you do but man that can be tiring..i love that you were able to get an extra 8hrs...even if it was due a cancelled is in the this series!!

    1. Oh Tiring is not even the appropriate word! I keep thinking this must be a learning process for me from God because I just cant go through all of this and not get anything out of it. I'm eager to learn and grow from this experience!

  2. Mr Punch made rice and beans? God bless him big time!

  3. Only just now catching up on the traveler wife series, as in Geeeeee....big ups to you. Lol @ the picture of that spoon.