Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Traveler Wife: 8 Business Days

If I can finish this post in one go, I deserve a cookie! The sleep doing me right now is totally unreal and it's unfortunate I can't give in since I'm here at the office. You see, this traveler wife hops out of the plane and hops into the office on most return trips. Really, this sleep is nothing new but I still can't get used to this.

Here's what I quickly wrote before I officially experienced the Shake-iest flight of my life - as in e remain small the plane for just drop! But the Lord knew I was on it :) *sigh* Chicago's weather can be a pain in the butt sometimes!!!

* * * * *
Date: October 25th 2013
Trip from:  Billy Bishop Airport, Toronto, Canada
Trip to: Midway International Airport, Chicago
Flight: Porter Airlines, 383. 7.00 am flight
Written: In the Air

It's a Wednesday morning flight and this flight is NOT empty! I could have sworn it would be only I, the hostesses and the captain that would be chilling on this plane today. It's not a full plane either, it's just a typical end of the weekend porter flight - which I did not expect since it's teh middle of teh week. 

Usually in these morning flights where I head straight to the airport once I arrive, immediately I get on, it's off to dreamland. You know, it's not really easy waking up at 5 am in the arms of your husband to head to the airport at 6 am especially after a 10 day vacation. Hormones are flying up and down during such mornings and all sorts of moods on display. Mr. Punch and I were pretty grumpy this morning so it was a quiet ride to the airport. I miss that man already and I'm counting down the days till our next visit - "8 Business Days" we echoed after the good-bye kiss at Billy Bishop airport, at least that lightened us up a bit. 

Ah! they have served breakfast and that means one thing; this entry ends right here. 
My bond with food > My bond with writing on the plane with food staring at me in the face. 


The Traveler Wife


  1. so are you a traveling wife? or a long distance wife?

    1. Lol being a Long Distance wife makes me a Traveling wife....till it all ends :)

  2. Would love to hear more. Maybe a post on ldr's? (Unless you already did one of course)