Friday, November 1, 2013

Jollof Rice According To My Husband

So I'd confess, not only do Mr. Punch and I compete when it comes to Parallel Parking, we also do when it comes to the Kitchen Life. Sometimes it's a blessing to have a man that knows his way around the kitchen and sometimes its a lesser blessing :)

Even though this post is titled Jollof Rice "according to My husband", I worked this food all by myself (see how I take pride in that? Yeah that's the inner competitive wife talking). It is only "according to him" because it's his style I used - Mr. Punch DOES NOT BLEND TOMATOES! So for this I used canned diced tomatoes.

Not to sound like I still think this not-blending-tomatoes is weird but in the early days of Mr. Punch and I, I could never wrap my head around that. I mean, I grew up knowing that except tomatoes in burgers, suya or eggs, tomatoes should be blended. So eventually I decided to give his style a shot, that was almost 4 years ago and since then Mr. Punch and I have never blended tomatoes.

The No-Blending-Tomatoes life is the new way of life in this my Long distance marriage life.

So here is what Jollof Rice according to Mr. Punch looks like;

  • Wash the rice, parboil it and keep it aside. 
  • Cut your Onions, Hot Peppers and Red Bell Peppers. 
  • Heat up groundnut oil for a bit then put in your onions and hot peppers. 
  • Add salt, maggi and garlic to the oil with onions and peppers already in the fire. 
  • Add in your diced tomatoes. 
  • Taste to see if the spices are okay according to your tongue. Put more if needed. 
  • Turn fire down to medium and let it fry for about 25 mins. 

  • Wash the beef and boil with spices. 
  • After the beef is boiled, take a few and chop them into bit. Add the chopped meat into the frying tomatoes. Put the rest meat in the oven and bake/broil with Onions, Peppers and very tiny oil. 
  • Boil the rice on low heat in the meat stock (the water from boiling the meat). Do this for a bit and set aside till the tomatoes are ready - we do not want the rice fully cooked before the fried tomatoes are added. 

  • When tomatoes are ready (taste it and let your tongue judge), pour into the not-fully-cooked-rice and mix. 
  • Then put in the oven and bake on 350 degrees for about 20 minutes. 
  • Keep checking and mixing if need be while it bakes. 

  • Chop your plantains in any shape you like. 
  • Put oil in frying pan for about 5 minuets, till oil is hot. 
  • Add your cut plantains and fry till brownish red but NOT BLACK! 
  • Keep a close eye on this and flip sides of the plantains while on fire to fry the un-fried side. 

Be dramatic like me, use highly unrelated sticks and add steamed vegetables on the side.

According to how fast this Jollof rice finished in the house, I think Mr. Punch and I can agree I nailed this one. We have not had Jollof rice regularly for a long time an now having this food back on our menu is all sorts of exciting. We keep tweaking a lot of things and trying different styles. Sometimes we adopt the hit or miss strategy and if it's a miss, the person that cooked it get's LAUGHED at hysterically. And if the other party decides to be a little bit mean, we never drop the subject.

Happy new month!! To my darling 4 followers (and those that just randomly stop by) I pray November brings you goodies from God. I pray your greatest testimonies of the 2013 would be packaged in these last 2 months!



  1. bake the jollof?? that's a new twist!! I'd try it to see how it works. But from where am standing, that dish sure looks yummy!! lol

    1. hehhehe! Yes o, apparently baking is "common" for Jollof rice, I kinda knew that but never really got into it till lately. I like it better than on stove because it doesnt burn as much, sometimes it never burns.

  2. I like! Yea, in many West African countries, they make it very different from the way we do in Nigeria.

  3. I can hear the Love in your voice! I am SO going to try Mr Punch's way; it looks absolutely delish. You know what would top this? If you actually made a vlog showing how to cook it.

    1. Haba! Vlog? I am just getting my feet wet in this blogging you are already asking for Vlog. Lol...maybe some day!

  4. Ah, baking jollof rice is very common. We do it and it tastes nice. But this Mr. Punch's jollof is on a different level, lol. You guys sure have a lot of fun. Glory be to God o. :)

  5. Love this. I agree with Inth tho, A vlog Yaaay! Im gonna try this. I'm coming back with my pen and paper to write recipies

  6. It's really nice that you and your husband cook together and have fun doing it! The jollof rice looks nice and I will be hopefully trying out the recipe!