Tuesday, November 12, 2013

How To Make Your Own Clip On Weave

I remember when I discovered the beauty of not having to wear a wig or sew something on your head; that must have been about a year ago. My roommate had just come back from England with Clip-ons in her hair that looked so real but most of all comfortable and easy to handle. Quickly I decided to research on these and see if I could get myself a couple of them but when I saw the price, I must have quickly hit the big Red X on that window.

So I took another look again at her clip-ons and figured I'd make them myself! Before I get into the (easy) steps, I'd tell you more about this idea and you can figure out if it would work well for you or not.

  • With Clip-ons, you can easily take good care of your natural hair; they are that easy to take off, wash your hair, moisturize it, and put them back on. 
  • With Clip-ons you can volumize your hair and keep it looking very natural; that way, clip only a few lines of (good matching) weave and cover the rest with your natural hair. 
  • There are 2 ways you can have clip-ons on your hair; either you clip them directly to your scalp (just line your hair and clip on the hair) or you can cornrow your hair and clip on the cornrows. The former I found to be a little bit painful because it is directly on your scalp, so I'd advise to be taken off frequently if it hurts. But the latter does not hurt at all because it is clipped to the cornrows. That way a good amount of your hair (not all of it, since you would need to leave some out to blend it) is protected underneath and also you can have them stay in longer.
  • The Clip on style involves cutting your weave into many pieces and I know not many people like to do that. So if you have a problem with this then this style might not be for you. 
  • Clip-ons would not work if you are looking for a full weave look.

Now if you are still ready to figure out this trick to stress-free Hair living keep on reading.

What you Need:
  1. Hair Thread: This depends on the color of weave you have. You would want them to blend very well. Usually the Hair thread is thicker than the regular sewing thread.
  2. Hair Needle: Many of these exist; the straight and curvy ones. Use whichever you prefer to work. Also remember to ensure that the needle can pass through the holes in the clips to be used.
  3. Hair Clips: They come in different colors, so you would want to use a color that blends well with the weave you purchased.
  4. Weave: Your choice of weave. Remember since you are leaving your natural hair out, you would want to get something that blends well enough.
  5. Scissors: To cut your weave in parts for the clips.

  1. Start by cornrowing your hair and keeping a little out to cover your tracks and blend in. Cornrow it in the pattern that would fit the hairstyle the best; can be either vertically, horizontally, circular motion or a mix. Remember you have the option not to cornrow it, I just personally prefer this style.
  2. Thread your needle and knot the thread. 
  3. Measure your head in parts using the weaves and cut them appropriately. This would make your weave be slip into several lines, some may be longer while others shorter depending on what part of your head you would be clipping them on.
  4. Sew on the Clips to each piece of cut weave (cutting that is done in the previous step) that you would be using. The clips would most likely have two holes on each side (left and right side), sew them neatly side by side. Usually I do the right side first and then without cutting the thread and re-knotting and move over to the left side, so if you look closely on mine, you would see the "transfer" thread. I find this less time consuming. 
  5. Repeat step 4 for all the other lines of cut weave. Remember the longer the line of cut weave to be used, the more clips might be needed to clip them in place on your head.
My many looks in my Current Clip-On Weave :)
PS: Sometimes I doubled my weave before sewing in the clips. This is still for volume but also to save time as opposed to making 2 lines of weave clips.


  1. hey Gee! how comfortable is it ? I am looking to start this but wigs give me a terrible headache :( I CAN NOT DO WIGS! plus I like air to touch my scalp lol ....

    can it fall out of my head? can I swing my hair back and fort without it removing?

    and also, the clips, will they hurt.. my hair is pretty soft and light and one of the reasons I hate wigs is the combs in it.. they hurt me :(

    mention me on twitter when u reply plss.... thank you x

    1. Hallos! It's really comfortable actually if you cornrow your hair before the clips. I'm definitely prefer the cornrowing idea because the clips are clipped to them so they are very locked in that you dont need to be worried of them falling off.

      If your hair is too soft or thin, I'd say do bigger cornrows or use extensions to do the cornrows like you usually do for sew ins. that way the clips would definitely stay in.

      No they dont hurt at all, you almost forget you have clips in your hair except you actually touch them. The reason again is because they are not having any contact with your scalp at all (unlike wig combs), just the cornrows.

  2. I have been meaning to do this since forever...Where to get the clips in Ibadan now remains the issue. I should have done it when I had the chance and resources in NY. *sigh*