Monday, November 25, 2013

Celebrating Sisterhood | Birthday Love

You see, 10 years ago if you had ever told me I would write a whole post for this girl I would have probably kept a grudge with you till you apologized - after all I knew was "How to keep the best and Longest Grudges". My sister and I at some point never saw eye to eye, she was the most annoying thing that ever fell into my world as far as I was concerned. I was the bitter younger sister who wanted absolutely nothing to do with the elder one. We fought a lot, physically and with words - of course I always lost but that did not stop me from doing it all over again.

But today things have changed - I have grown and so has she. Now we know when to ignore each other and when to get in our faces and continue to be annoying. Lol after all that's what sisters do! Time has gone by, Christ has moved more in our hearts, hatred has become love and today I am super grateful to have this girl as my sister!

I remember when my mum would call us to speak to us about being more like sisters and she would say "Remember Ify is your ONE and ONLY sister", I would shrug it off and think "So what?" But today, more than a lot of things, that line makes so much sense! I would never have another sister more so another "much older best girlfriend" to offer love and also receive even more love from. Today I see families torn apart and while you may think what my sister and I had when we were younger was a "normal sister relationship that people grow out of", I know in my heart that if care (more like Christ) was not taken, we would have landed there - the sisters that never talk, the ones that only see when their parents request a family reunion, the sisters that would warn their children against the other saying "Those cousins of yours are evil just like their mama", lol, you get the point.

So today I celebrate sisterhood like never before, I celebrate my ONE and ONLY sister as she adds another year. But most of all I celebrate Christ and his love that has REALLY been shed abroad in our hearts!


  1. Aww, such a sweet post for your sis! To God Be The Glory for your relationship and I pray that it continues to grow!


  2. wow a very happy birthday to her.
    may this peace and love never depart form the both of you

  3. Aww....the love of Christ truly pierces thru every strong wall...beautiful message