Saturday, November 16, 2013

A Bridal Shower Gift I Can Never Forget

Don't ask me why I am blogging in the middle of the night, don't even ask me why I am still up - I have actually slept and randomly just woke up, now I can't get back to bed so blogging seemed right.

Some of you may know I got married last year; it's been about a year and a half since Mr. Punch and I became man and wife. Though I am not living the full wife life since we are in a long distance marriage I'd have to confess sometimes this life can be really enjoying being my Husband's Girlfriend. Part of the fun I get to have is when Mr. Punch and I handle our business in the Kitchen (We love to cook!) and that is where this Bridal Shower gift comes in.

Okay maybe the title of this post should be "A Bridal shower Gift I can Never Forget when I'm in Toronto", because that's where this gift lives. If you know anything about Mr. Punch and I you would know the kitchen is our favorite spot after the bedroom :) So this is the gift is just perfect because I almost always get to use every time.

I love the fact that it's personalized (Ekene is my other name - the Nigerian one) and most of all that's is our very own prayer to God. Whenever I see this board in our kitchen, I go back to the awesome wedding weekend! Thanks to Alice of Design Cook Love for this gift I can never forget!

PS: There is a second gift I can never forget too, it gets used in the Bedroom...would that be appropriate to blog that too? LOL! Goodnight people!


  1. I love this! It is very clear that the person who gave it to you really thought about YOU when they got the gift. That makes it more precious.

    1. I agree! A little thought into a gift definitely goes a long way.

  2. buhahahahahahahhaa, Ekene, you just be teasing usssssss ohhhhhhhh!!!lol! God bless your Marriage though

  3. Share tthe other gift too na!!!!!!!!! HEeeY! AliceBBB, be my friend too! :)