Monday, October 21, 2013

The Traveler Wife Life: Canada's Thanksgiving Trip

Date: October 14th 2013
Trip to: Midway International Airport, Chicago.
Flight: Porter Airlines, 395 . 8.05 pm flight
Written: In the Air

That awkward moment when during the airport screening the officer asks you to take off your shoes before getting screened and the whole airport world gets a sneak peak to your non-matching-hole-punched socks! Lol, that is not my portion o, I just think of really random things when I'm at the airport, welcome to the Traveler wife life episode 2.

This was a refreshing trip for Mr. Punch and I, and as usual I'm never the happiest during my return trips. Spending 3 days was definitely relaxing; Friday I got in around 10 pm and after immigration and the crazy traffic at the airport, Mr. Punch and I finally arrived home at 11 pm - I can't complain though, some trips have been worse in regards to the timing. Oh how can I forget this lover man I spotted at the airport as I waited for Mr. punch to pull up over? With his rose, he waited for his love and it just warmed my heart extremely. I awwwww-ed myself away to Mr. Punch's hearing, hoping he got the hint. On the next trip we shall see if he passes or fails the test.

Being captured by this thing called "Love" :)
Saturday I deliberately asked that we stayed in. Sometimes Mr. Punch says that we go out way too much during these short trips (I beg to differ though!), so I decided to give him a break. We just stayed home, cooked, ate, watched old movies and made more future plans that obviously involved Ticket prices and dates of travel - that is what our lives have become oh! 

Sunday was groovy; after an amazing service at Malvern Christian Assembly (the new church we are seeing and trying to figure out if this is the right relationship) that reminded us to be thankful, we ended up at Mr. Punch's uncle's house for thanksgiving dinner. God knows how bad I wanted the whole family-turkey-dinner-at-the-table-thanksgiving-dinner, and I got it :)

Monday, the final day of the trip arrived; a little moody as expected but we carried on still. Those are the days when the kisses are longer and the "I love you's" are more than "normal". We worked on some home decor project of fixing our new removable wallpaper with our anniversary photos and later had thanksgiving lunch at one of our friend's (more like sister) house, then headed to the airport after that.

Do I really need to explain the mood right now?


  1. Long distance is the worse but there's something beautiful about the stolen moments!! Hope the time comes when you are both in the same country and city!!

  2. What mrs. Pancakes said. Glad you got to do a DIY project together. Treasure those moments :)