Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Traveler Wife Life: A Couple that flies Together...

Ahhhhh! I can finally blog about non-wedding related stuff and not feel like I am forcing my life down my viewers throat! While I love being a Wedding blog Editor, I think being a Blog editor comes first and that entails blogging about other things than Weddings. For the most part, that's the reason for this blog.

Some may know I'm a Traveler wife, that is, I am almost always flying since I'm currently in a long distance marriage to the who I love to call Mr. Punch on the internet. We try to see every other weekend and for the most parts, I do the flying to Toronto. This has been going on for about a year and obviously I think some of my experiences/rants are totally blog worthy. They range from totally random to totally "What the heck?" moments and the Traveler Wife Life would be addressing those and all written on the plane.

Michael Kors welcomes you to Billy Bishop Airport, Toronto
Date: October 11th 2013
Trip to: Billy Bishop Airport, Toronto, Canada
Flight: Porter Airlines 392, 7.20 pm flight
Written: In the Air

As of today, my days of a traveler wife are numbered. Fine, they have always been but as of this trip I finally have an idea/estimated time. So I figured I might as well document the few experiences and trips I have left.

As usual, I arrived at the airport from the office; a less productive day than the rest because it's quite difficult to be productive when all I can think of is "Yay I'd be seeing Mr. Punch soon!" It's a full flight today which is absolutely not normal. I am not sure if the craziness of the Chicago marathon is a factor to which many people are running away from the city (traffic is unreal!) or it's the fact that it's Canada's thanksgiving weekend, either way this flight is quite a full and noisy!

Adjacent to my seat on this plane, there is the couple of envy interest; so in love an all, chatting here, laughing there. I am just here thinking "Chai when will my turn come?" You see, Mr. Punch and I have done many things together but traveled by air. Let me not lie, it's in my bucket list of things to do and I'm not ashamed. In my head it plays out so well - almost like a movie, so I totally find it romantic about a couple flying together, me too I want my own experience. Din't you know that a couple that flies together stays together? Where are my manners? I should have told you I make up my own quotes before we begun :)

Anyways this is yet another trip to Toronto where the Porter Airline workers think it is okay to make statements like "Hey we haven't seen you in a while", just because I missed last week travel since Mr. Punch came over; this is what the Travel wife life causes. I'm not mad though, I just wish the statement had ended something like "Hey we haven't seen you in a while, here is a free ticket so we see more of you".

Till next time, from another airplane!
The Traveler Wife


  1. Wow really? Well you're holding up well and you definitely seem to be counting down to the end of the 'long distance', matter of fact you ARE definitely counting down. It is well

  2. Every weekend? Yeah, I hope you do get discounts and occasional free tickets, You've earned it o