Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Real Cool Kids of BBM are Back

Lol...this new bbm saga is really tickling my fancy, I wont even lie. All the ones that did not move forward with life and stayed with RIM are now hating as we the Android and Iphone users flock back in Joy - we are the Real Cool Kids of BBM :) 

Speaking about this BBM matter, did you have to wait in line for the app? Lol. I remember tweeting about it yesterday on how it made me feel like a second class citizen. After I have judged all those who go and wait in line for new IPhones, yesterday I was in that boat. Thankfully the BBM line is virtual. It took me like 3 hours waiting for that Blackberry email that never came. I was running out of patience and was clicking the app over and over again until it worked.

Here are some funny shots of BBM delayed email complaints concerning the line; I sure had a good laugh yesterday.

So why is this thing exciting me?
Because BBM is just the most fun messaging app I have ever used. I still don't know why people compare it to iMessage though, the latter is only for iPhone users but BBM has gone across almost all platforms. So if that is your one point like this article then remain quiet :)

Am I really the only one that thinks it is exciting to be able to change status messages? Lol, I mean this is my opportunity to be dramatic, how can I not love it? While we moved to whatsapp and gave up on RIM, our hearts still remained with BBM. I'm sorry whataspp but this is your break up letter. Now I just need to worry about getting my dad to BBM and I can finally exit it.

My second reason for my BBM love is the fact that not every one that has my phone number would be able to see my personal and dramatic status messages. The fact I actually have to approve you into my space makes me feel a little more comfortable than the messaging life of whatsapp. So I am saying bye bye to random whatsapp messages from pastors that my mother will be giving my numbers to on top of prayer. Lol, not like I mind prayers o but still...

Why does my mother even do that?

Anyways, while BBM moves across the nations and accepts more of the real cool kids let me enjoy myself on my BBM *hops off to go update new bbm status*


  1. Argggg been waiting for the message since yesterday!!!!

    1. Hahaha! I know so many people had to wait and some are still waiting. Hope you come over and join us soon :)

  2. Love the new website and the title!!

    1. Thank love! My husband should totally see this comment, he keeps dissing my title. hahahha!

  3. Your new website looks great! I need to check this out...I have no clue on this!!